Ruvati Sink Reviews 2018 – Quality You Can Trust, Functionality You Will Love

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Ruvati RVH8050 Drop-In Overmount 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink

Ruvati as the company prides itself on selling sinks along with a wide range of other bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It is a relatively new company that began in 2009 with its base of operations in Austin, Texas. They intend to appeal to those who are inspired by the aesthetic dominance of their work and those who simultaneously believe in environmentally friendly fixtures in their homes. They claim to use stainless steel which is entirely reusable. Additionally, they also state that their stainless steel products have been made from 80% recycled components. They also ensure lead-free products. Among these products are faucets, which Ruvati maintains are built to keep water wastes as minimum as possible.

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Ruvati sinks are meant to be installed in bathrooms and sinks for domestic and commercial use alike. They recommend that before purchasing a sink the user decides what they think they will be using the sink for and ascertain what kind of sink would fulfill that purpose. All of the sinks manufactured by them are available in 16 gauges. Some sinks are also available in other versions but this is subject to the sink itself. Another feature present in all Ruvati Sinks is sound guard padding to make sure that using the sink does not get too noisy. They are also undercoated so that when the water condenses, there is no after effect left on the sink. Accessories will be available on purchase for installation like a cut-out template, rinse grid and a basket strainer. They promise that their sinks are handcrafted to serve any purpose they may be needed for and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Ruvati Sink Reviews 2018


Ruvati RVH8050
33 x 22 x 10 inches

Ruvati RVH8400
43.8 x 23 x 10 inches

Ruvati RVH7110
18 x 14 x 8 inches