Ariel Premium Triple Bowl Super Sized Kitchen Sink Review

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Even if you are not the world’s greatest cook or baker, you would need a beautiful and practical sink in your remodeled kitchen. So, if you are eagerly looking forward to your next kitchen sink, the chances are, you are a bit flummoxed by the limitless choices available in the market today. That also translates to a lack of useful information to act on.

Courtesy to this review, you won’t have to push yourself to the impulse-buying threshold limit because we are about to tell you everything that you need to know about the Ariel Premium Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Super-Sized Kitchen Sink. Gladly enough, you will surely be able to make a comfortable buying decision after reading this full-fledged review. So, let’s start with the product features.

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Ariel Sink Reviews 2020: Product Features


ariel sink reviewsThis is not your average kitchen sink. This product is housed in a top grade stainless steel body. For those who don’t know, we are talking about 16-gauge T304 grade stainless steel, which is a cut above the scope. Given the quality of the product, it won’t be an understatement to claim that this kitchen sink will last for many years to come.


Kitchen sinks are not for decoration, are they? Well, this product may just change your thinking. The Ariel Aspen Series kitchen sink looks cool and fashionable. In fact, the sink looks luxurious enough to make a style statement in your kitchen. Better yet, the sleek contemporary design of the sink goes well with most home décor.


Unlike the competition, the Ariel Aspen Series kitchen sink comes with a sound dampening system. Yes, it’s fully protected with soundproofing pads. Basically, it’s well-engineered to reduce noise, so the sink does not have a ‘drum-like’ annoying sound to it. Believe us or not, it’s quieter than what it’s supposed to be.


You are not just getting an enormous and functional kitchen sink for the asking price. The makers also throw in a few other handy kitchen gadgets to make your life in the kitchen easier such as a matching grid, basket strainer, dish rack, and a pot placemat trivet. There are enough goodies to be pleased to the core. Frankly speaking, it will cover quite a few kitchen wants/needs.


Unlike other kitchen sinks in the same spectrum, you won’t find it a challenge to clean this kitchen sink. Almost all the areas of the sink can be easily cleaned with soap and water. So, food scraps won’t sit there and laugh at you; surely enough you will have the last laugh. Of course, a brush can also be used during the cleaning process to make the job at hand easier than usual.

Product Specs

Weight: This kitchen sink weighs approximately 50 pounds. So, it’s not the heaviest or lightest kitchen sink around. It’s somewhere in between.

Dimensions: The product dimensions of the Ariel Aspen Series Kitchen Sink are as follows: 42 x 20 x 10 inches.

Color: For fewer scratches and product longevity, the kitchen bowl has a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction to it, which is inherently silver in color.

Shape: The kitchen sink comes in a rectangular shape, which is a common shape for a kitchen bowl in the market these days.

Installation Method: The installation method would be undermount. As such, a skilled professional will be able to install an undermount sink in less than half an hour.


  • The sink is reasonably deep enough to hide dirty dishes, and the separation between the basins is extremely well-configured
  • The cut-out template and the necessary mounting accessories are included for effortless installation
  • The sink arrives in the best possible packaging to prevent cosmetic damage during shipment
  • The sink lasts a long time — a piece of information confirmed by users who have tried and tested the product


  • One would need a considerable amount of space to fit this super-sized kitchen sink in their property
  • The item lacks a solid product warranty, but the kitchen sink is built to last for several years and beyond without any hiccups

Last Words

On the whole, the Ariel Premium Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Super-Sized Kitchen Sink is worth every cent spent on it. So, if you are a looking for a commercial quality sink at a reasonable price point, this triple bowl kitchen sink should be in your immediate radar. The sink has been road-tested by scores of people out there, and most of them are pleased with the kitchen sink’s looks, performance, and durability. Keep in mind that it won’t cook dinner for you, but it will do everything else what a well-made kitchen sink is expected to do!

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