Polaris Sinks PR305 Kitchen Sink Review

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There is a damn phase in our lives where we feel confused as hell. While shopping for a kitchen sink, I could picture myself in this confused state of mind. Little did I know at that moment that I would end up writing a review on a product that I bought in the middle of a regular day. Assuming that you want to know everything there is to know about the Polaris Sinks PR305 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink, let me give you a brief product overview. I will also provide some insider secrets — the pros and the cons. So, let’s get started with the review.

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Polaris Sinks Reviews 2020

Featuring an undermount sink with two offset bowls, the PR305 Kitchen Sink could fulfill your fascination to own the next best kitchen sink. It features two unequal-sized offset bowls and drains. Furthermore, the sink has a nice satin finish to it to mask small scratches. Better yet, the makers are offering a bundle deal, where they provide a host of items in the package. No joke; a grand total of six items are included in the package to make your day with no luck involved in it. Here’s an itemized list of what you will get — you can expect the sink itself, 2 strainers, 2 grids, and a beautiful cutting board.

Product Details

polaris sinks reviewsItem Weight

It’s not as heavy as hell. In fact, the weight is on the lighter side. The sink weighs 35 pounds. My old sink weighed 110 pounds, and I felt bad for the delivery guy as he had to struggle to get it to my doorsteps. But not with Polaris Sink PR305.

Material Used

The body is made from heavy-duty stainless steel for the sake of longevity. The steel is quite thick. Basically, it’s shaped and built to last, and it will make your investment on the sink last for a long time to come. Both the style and quality of this kitchen sink is hard to beat for its price point.

Product Shape

The shape of the Polaris Sinks PR305 is rectangular. I was chronically searching for a rectangular sink because my wife states that it makes the cleaning chore a bit easier than usual. Not to forget the fact that it’s easy to handle large pots and pans in a rectangular kitchen sink. The depth is also perfect for our needs.


The included accessories are of good quality. They aren’t made from some filthy material, so the company has made a sensible decision over here. The custom-fitted stainless-steel grids are my favorite as they help me to keep the prepped food off the sink bowl. Also, the wooden cutting board that comes with the package looks beautiful.


The cost is budget-fitting for most individuals out there. In fact, the cost of this kitchen sink is equivalent to the sink that I previously owned. However, the PR305 Kitchen Sink is of much better quality than the earlier one. It makes a great deal of difference in my kitchen now.


Of course, the installation would be a cakewalk for a professional. The guy we hired made it look like he could do it with one hand tied to his back. From the practical standpoint, the undermount installation leaves us with more elbow room than usual. Truthfully speaking, the sink just becomes easier to use in general.


  • If you treat the sink like an expensive investment, it will last for many years to come with no scratches and stains
  • The sink is extremely well-packed, so it makes the trip to your doorsteps intact
  • The sink is priced very reasonably for what it is
  • A user’s investment is sheltered by the Polaris Sinks’ limited lifetime warranty


  • It doesn’t feature sound dampening pads or anything else of that nature for noise cessation

Final Words

The Polaris Sinks PR305 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink could easily be the centerpiece of your kitchen. All my neighbors who have seen the sink have fallen for it. They kept asking where they can get one for their kitchen. Even the contractor who remodeled my kitchen couldn’t hold his appreciation for the product. So, the sink in question is definitely a people-pleaser. Ever since our kitchen was updated, one of the first things we show people is the sink. The color matches perfectly with all our stainless-steel appliances, not to forget the fact that it’s much better quality (thicker) than the store-bought sinks. I have been using the sink for eight months now without any hiccups, and I am sure that it might turn out to be an asset someday if I’m ever going to sell my house.

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