IKEA Havsen Sink Reviews 2020

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ikea farmhouse sink reviewsClose your eyes and think of THE furniture brand. THE kitchen fixtures brand. THE appliances and home accessories brand.

You thought of IKEA, didn’t you? Yes, the Swedish brand has made such an incredible mark on the industry that most people don’t even think of entering showrooms of other brands. Who cares if their products are slightly dearer, they’re so amazing!

Of course, we know that you demand nothing but the best for yourself, as you should because you deserve it! That is exactly why we’re featuring one of the best kitchen sinks on the market today, the IKEA Sink.

As is typical with IKEA products, this sink is very thoughtfully designed, made of some of the best materials available and it is an absolute joy to look at and use, year after year after year.

So, without further ado, here’s our review of the IKEA Sink.

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Havsen Sink Review 2020: Why do we like this product?


Instead of waxing poetic about the amazing ceramic construction of this sink (and be in no doubt, it IS amazing!), we thought it best to draw your attention to an equally important, if not more important issue, and that is of environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

It seems fitting that IKEA, the leader in the kitchen fixtures industry, should take the lead on this issue which is why half of their latest sinks are made from renewable materials.

Moreover, the question of environmentally-friendly production is as much of an ethical question as it is practical, and in favor of aligning itself with the “good side,” IKEA has decided not to use any wood that hasn’t come from a renewable source. This decision is supposed to be implemented in 2020, and for the time being, no illegally-harvested wood is used.

Now, back to the construction. You’d think that because of the recycling, the IKEA sink is nothing more than a cheap parts-bin knockoff, but no, it feels solid, nice to touch and is resistant to stains. Win-win!


ikea havsen sink reviewsOf course, this sink’s main emphasis, apart from being environmentally-friendly, is the vast array of features it offers.

For starters, this sink is unique in the respect that it allows the faucet to be mounted on either side of it. Though the hole is provided on one side, that can be plugged very easily.

Another unique aspect of the sink is that because of its humongous depth, it comes with a tray that is placed somewhere along the right side of the sink. IKEA says the tray is ideal for use as a soap dish or for somewhere to put your tumbler.

But that’s not all! The IKEA sink also comes with a strainer, a water-trap, and perhaps most importantly, two towel hangers. Just to recap, this sink can act as, obviously, a sink, a soap dish holder, a tumbler tray and even a towel-hanging station.


This IKEA sink comes finished in a beautiful, semi-glossy white and this finish sits perfectly on the recycled ceramic that this is made from. On one side, you have the beautifully-finished towel-hangers, flanked by the equally beautiful soap tray on the adjacent edge and a bigger tray that runs along the width of the sink.

One half of the bigger tray is finished in black and looks absolutely gorgeous, in line with the rest of the product.

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Where does this product disappoint?

Even something from a brand as reputed as IKEA has shortcomings.

First off, we’re not huge fans of the lack of choice when it comes to finishes. Sure, the ceramic-white finish is amazing, has just the right amount of luster and is unlikely to peel off or fade anytime soon, but why should it be limited to just ceramic white?

Lastly, and we’re nitpicking here, installation of this sink may prove to be tricky. you’ll be fine If you have a supported countertop from IKEA itself, as their products are more or less modular anyway. Otherwise, your plumber may have a slightly tricky time.


  • Amazing aesthetic
  • Ethical and eco-friendly construction
  • Has a ton of features
  • World’s most reputed brand in this field


  • Installation may be tricky
  • Just one finish


The IKEA sink that we’ve featured today makes for an amazing value proposition. It looks amazing, it’s built well and in conformity with ecological standards, and it has a ton of features. To top it all off, you’ll have the assurance and peace of mind that only an IKEA product can provide.

For these reasons, we wholeheartedly recommend this product.

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