Transolid RUDO3120 Granite Offset Double Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

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A kitchen sink is, obviously, indispensable to a kitchen.

However, manufacturers these days don’t seem to remember just how important a kitchen sink and how many functions it serves.

And that’s why they think it’s fair to fleece customers and make a quick buck by pushing sub-standard products at exorbitant rates.

If only there were a sink you could trust!

Well, finally, there is one. The Transolid Double Undermount (just the Transolid for this review) is a breath of fresh air in what is a sea of incredibly disappointing products.

Transolid is a key player in the kitchen fixtures and fittings industry and has a reputation for creating one good product after another, and this one is no exception.

So, without further ado, let’s take you on a tour of all the great (and not-so-great) aspects of this amazing new sink!

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Transolid Sink Reviews 2020: Why do we recommend this product so highly?


transolid sink reviewsThere are a lot of factors that go into making a great sink, but before that, there are primarily a lot of great materials that go into making a great sink.

The Transolid boasts an 80% quartz and a 20% acrylic resin construction. What’s the benefit of all that, you may ask?

Well, quartz which makes up the bulk of the Transolid is a very durable material and is resistant to scratches. It is also resistant to extremely high and low temperatures. In fact, the Transolid can resist temperatures up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit!

The acrylic resin blend also means that the Transolid is non-porous, so you don’t have to worry about annoying hard-to-reach leaks from obscure crevices. The acrylic also means that the Transolid comes in at a cheaper price point while boosting scratch resistance without sacrificing strength and/or beauty.


Another annoyance every budding sink-buyer has undoubtedly faced is the lack of colors these days.

For reasons best known to manufacturers, it seems that producing a range of sub-standard sinks in a variety of uninspiring and poorly-finished colors has become the norm.

Well, Transolid is ready to break industry norms in the interest of consumerism, which is why you can have this sink in one of five amazing colors, namely black, gray, white, and now for the good ones, Cafe Latte and Espresso.

The hues, gradients and shades of the colors are very well-judged; they react well to light and are unlikely to fade, given their amazing finish.


Coming on to the final great aspect of the Transolid, the design.

It is best described as a larger square affixed to a smaller square, except that both squares are rounded off on one corner each, giving them a rather elegant look.

The larger bowl also tapers off a little to allow for easy cleaning. The positions of the drains are also very well-judged, ensuring maximum flow to them and leaving minimal residue behind.

While you may have to adapt your countertop for the quirky (eccentric?) design of this sink, we think it’s well worth it because it’s elegant, functional, and unlikely to disappoint.

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Where does this product disappoint?

Nothing’s perfect, and the Transolid is certainly no exception, and while we had to nit-pick, we did find some faults.

As inspiring as the design is, it does pose the universal double-bowl sink problem: where do you mount the faucet? How tall should it be? How far should the spray reach? How much should it swivel?

Incorrect mounting of the faucet may result in a lot of annoying splashback and, worst-case scenario, an unusable faucet-sink combination, so install wisely.

Lastly, while the undermount installation does provide seamless visual flow, it does prove to be quite tacky as far as installation goes, which means you’ll have to pay a professional a lot for the initial installation. But is it still worth it? Definitely!


  • Amazing build quality
  • Lots of color options with brilliant, lustrous finishes
  • Design is elegant
  • Beats the competition on several counts


  • Undermount installation may prove to be tacky
  • Faucet installation will have to be judged meticulously


The Transolid sink is one of the best sinks to have come out of the kitchen fixtures and fittings industry in a long time.

It is well-made, comes in a variety of brilliant color finishes and features a build quality that guarantees several trouble-free years of smooth operation.

Happy washing!

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