Miseno MNO2113RU Bathroom Sink with Integrated Overflow Review

miseno sink reviews

The Miseno MNO2113RU is one of the unique kitchen sinks we have reviewed on our site. This is primarily due to the fact that unlike most kitchen sinks, it’s not made using a traditional material combination.

While the Miseno MNO2113RU’s primary material is porcelain, it’s actually mixed with something that the manufacturer terms as a semi-flexible compound. This not only makes it a unique kitchen sink but also helps it to have a few impressive advantages over most of its counterparts, which we will get to below.


Miseno Sink Reviews: Features

Unique material combination

The combination of porcelain and a semi-flexible compound is something you may have never heard of. And it’s actually pretty rare, as there doesn’t seem to be many other kitchen sinks boasting of such a unique material combination, let alone in this price range.

Surprisingly, however, even the porcelain used is of the finest quality, which is definitely hard to come by at this price point. Now, talking about how this unique material combination actually helps the Miseno MNO2113RU be a better product, it boosts the sink’s durability significantly.

This is because although the high-grade porcelain used to make the product is very durable, it’s naturally prone to chipping. However, the semi-flexible compound helps to get around this issue and prevents the sink from getting chipped as what seems to be common with some of the other porcelain sinks in this price range.

Surprisingly beautiful for the price

For a price of an extremely low-end kitchen sink, you’re getting the kind of aesthetics that usually only the premium sinks bring to the table. The unique material combination turns out to be useful here as well, allowing the sink to sport a high-end, appealing finish that would enhance the look of any kitchen.

And given that the porcelain would not chip as it typically tends to, thanks to the use of the semi-flexible compound as a part of the material, the sink would actually retain its look and finish quality for years to come. We really think this is more than what you can demand in this price range.

Offers a large working area

miseno reviews

If you think the above two advantages of the product have to come with a downside on any of the other important factors as a trade-off, think again. The MNO2113RU seems to be an all-around great product, which is again hard to believe given its ridiculously cheap price tag for what it offers.

That being said, there’s absolutely no compromise on the working area as well. The sink may seem to be a bit on the smaller side, but that would only be an optical illusion as it’s oval in shape.

When you start using the sink, you would find that it’s actually large enough for general home use. It may not be very large in size but it’s pretty deep, which makes up for its slightly smaller breadth and width.

The MNO2113RU would likely have no problem accommodating all your large pans, pots and more, and still allowing you a fair bit of free space to be able to work comfortably.

Easy to install and lightweight

Being a small kitchen sink that’s surprisingly lightweight, the MNO2113RU is very easy to install. You likely wouldn’t need any professional help and would be able to do it yourself.

However, something that we were really surprised about is that it weighs under 20 pounds. Now, that’s pretty lightweight for a very durable kitchen sink made of porcelain. And if you’re familiar with kitchen sinks, you probably know that superior durability without a lot of weight is probably as good as it can get.

May require you to bend down

While the MNO2113RU doesn’t seem to come with any major downsides, there’s a minor downside that you should be aware of. As the sink is fairly deep (which is actually good as it allows for a lot of cleaning convenience and ability to hold more things for you), you would find yourself having to bend down a bit more than with other sinks.

We don’t think that’s much of an issue though, as the only time this would happen is when removing all the cookware and other utensils. Also, you wouldn’t really have to bend down a lot, so what we are saying is really just more of a piece of information than a serious issue with the product.

A final word

Well, there’s not much more to be said. The Miseno MNO2113RU is inarguably one of the best kitchen sinks in this price range. In fact, it’s perhaps the best kitchen sink you can buy without shelling out a lot more money, or if you don’t have any specific needs that call for the need to go for a stainless steel sink or any other type of sink.

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