Kindred FMSB654NB Double Bowl Sink Review

kindred sinks reviewsIf you couldn’t already tell, most of the kitchen sinks we have reviewed on our site are the ones that offer a great value for your money. And the Kindred FMSB654NB is no different; if anything, it only offers an even better bang for your buck than most of the other affordable, value-for-money products out there.

With that said, let’s walk you through what exactly you would be getting with the Kindred FMSB654NB.

Kindred Sinks Reviews: Features

Unique shape

The shape of the Kindred FMSB654NB may turn out to be its most highlighting feature for many customers. It’s a double bowl sink but with both of its bowls being of exactly the same size, which is often pretty rare to come across.

However, the unique shape of the FMSB654NB not only adds to its beauty but also makes it much more functional than many other double bowl sinks that have one of the bowls being much smaller than the other.

It allows the FMSB654NB to offer a pretty organized way of doing your usual work, as well as using the other bowl for drying or just keeping the utensils when you don’t need to use both the bowls at the same time.

Very deep

For a double bowl sink that doesn’t have any of its bowls being very large (as they are both of the same sizes), the FMSB654NB is surprisingly deep. This would help you get more out of the sink as you can keep and wash a lot more utensils than you would with some other double bowl sink that’s not as deep.

It would also help prevent the water from getting to your countertops, as it typically does with sinks that are small or not deep enough.

Made using an amazingly high-quality material

kindred reviews

The FMSB654NB is priced at the lowest possible price range. This is generally the price range where it’s hard to find a kitchen sink that’s made using a reliable, durable material.

However, to your (and our, too!) surprise, the FMSB654NB is made using what seems to be one of the best types of steel – the 22 gauge stainless steel.

Any sink that is so affordable and made using 22 gauge stainless steel may turn out to be a great buy that offers an amazing value for your money.

Best level of durability in the price range

Given the kind of kind of steel used to make the FMSB654NB, the fact that it’s one of the most durable sinks you can find in the extremely low price range doesn’t really come off as a surprise. We know you would probably expect something on the flimsier side at this price point, but believe us, you would probably be blown away by how sturdy you will find the FMSB654NB to be as soon as you unpack it.

There’s a customer that said the same in their review, and most customers that bought the sink seem to swear by its durability and sturdiness as well. In fact, one customer also mentioned that the FMSB654NB turned out to be sturdy enough to handle a very heavy garbage disposal, which is definitely something most other sinks in this price range would fail terribly at.

Marks and stains!

Well, you can’t get the best of everything at this price point, although you do seem to be getting the best of pretty much everything with the FMSB654NB that should really matter. However, if you want to get everything that the FMSB654NB has to offer at this super cheap price, you need to be willing to accept a minor downside as well.

And it’s that the FMSB654NB would get stains and marks very easily, so you will need to clean it often to keep it looking good. Of course, this is something you would have to do with most stainless steel sinks on the market that don’t cost a fortune, but you may have to do it a bit more often with the FMSB654NB.


  • A very unique shape that will add to the look of any kitchen besides making the sink more functional
  • The sink itself is very deep and given that it has two bowls, you likely wouldn’t find yourself running out of room to keep your utensils or wash them comfortably
  • The FMSB654NB is made using the same quality of steel that’s usually used to make premium quality sinks
  • The sink is very durable and sturdy and would be able to support a heavy garbage disposal without any problem


  • Marks and stains would be a common sight with the FMSB654NB, so you need to be prepared to clean it more often

A final word

If you’re on a very tight budget and can live with having to clean your sink a bit more often than you would if you go for a premium sink, the Kindred FMSB654NB would turn out to be the perfect option for your needs.

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