Kraus Kitchen Sink Reviews 2018: A Minimalist Design With An Urban Feel

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Kraus KHF203-36 Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink

So you figured that your kitchen could do with a new and better kitchen sink. Maybe your current one looks like it was made in the stone age. Or maybe it has lost most of its durability and is now begging you for retirement… perhaps a much-deserved one.

Whatever be the reason, you seem to have done some serious research on which kitchen sink is going to be loyal to your precious kitchen and add a lot of value to it. And that’s due to the fact that you have narrowed down your search to Kraus, or have actually decided to go for it but are just looking for validation.

If you can relate to what we just said, this article is going to tell you everything that you want or need to know.

Kraus Sink Reviews 2018


Kraus KHF203-36
Farmhouse / Apron Front
35.9 x 20.8 x 10 inches

Kraus KHU102-33
32.8 x 19 x 10 inches

Kraus Quarza
33 x 22 x 9.5 inches

Kraus Company Overview

Kraus manufactures many different types of kitchen products and accessories but seems to specialize in kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets.

This matters because those two products form the most important part of their product portfolio, so you can expect them to have been made with some serious effort. This obviously translates to a better overall quality and an impressive customer service.

Kraus is headquartered in New York and is known for its unique approach to its products – a minimalist design with an urban feel. But something that you wouldn’t fail to notice about their products is the creativity that’s put into them.

These simple but important features make Kraus stand out as a brand when it comes to kitchen sinks and faucets.

Kraus Kitchen Sinks – What to Expect?

Nowadays it’s hard to find value, especially in the kitchen products segment. And kitchen sinks are no exception.

The really good ones deserving a place in your kitchen are way too overpriced. In other words, the price to value ratio is usually never in the customer’s favor.

But you can expect a pleasant change in this department with a Kraus sink. You would find that Kraus sinks are very affordably priced, almost so much so that it would make you doubt their quality and durability.

Rest assured, though, the quality Kraus sinks offer is certainly going to be unmatched by other products unless you’re willing to spend thrice as much as what they are priced at.

With that said, let’s take a look at the features and drawbacks of Kraus sinks in general, so that you can get a good idea of whether they are going to be a good fit for your kitchen.


This is far from a very important feature, but the reason you see this here is that it’s the first thing you’re going to be impressed with when/if you order a Kraus sink. The packaging is probably going to be the best you would have ever come across. The products are packed so carefully that you might as well expect the sink to be made of gold.

And the reason it’s something to consider as well is that it shows that Kraus is determined to offer an amazing customer experience right from the get-go.



Well, we know you wouldn’t expect a highly affordable kitchen sink to look amazing by any means, but oh boy are you in for a surprise. If you walk into a store and compare a Kraus sink with a high-end one priced upwards of $1000, you would find it hard to tell which is the more expensive one. Yes, Kraus sinks look that great!

After all, there’s a reason even builders and contractors are impressed by the looks and finish of a Kraus sink. They are obviously the pickiest of the lot given the industry they are in so that does speak volumes about what you can expect a Kraus sink to look like.

Many of them have small radius corners and grooves, and the largeness of the sink just adds to the already attractive style. As for the finish, it’s going to be as smooth as it can get for the price, though the corners are machined, unlike the high-end ones that have them soldered by hand.

But we are sure that’s nothing to worry about.


Sound-deadening is another aspect where Kraus sinks give some of the high-end ones on the market a run for their money. And that’s quite apparent if you go through some Kraus sink reviews that customers have posted online.

Pretty much every stainless steel sink in the low to mid price range would come with a rather thin undercoating, which is the reason it would produce a lot of sounds that can sometimes be too much to handle, especially when you’re back from a tired day at work.

Kraus sinks, on the other hand, have thick undercoating and come with well-placed sound-deadening patches that leave nothing to be desired on this front. This would make it much more convenient and comfortable to work in the kitchen.

Again, it’s worth noting that such a level of sound-deadening is quite a rarity at this price point. In fact, you would probably be hard-pressed to find it for anything under $1000.

Flat Surface

Coming to the drawbacks, some Kraus kitchen sink reviews you find online do mention that the flat surface some Kraus sinks come with can turn out to be a little inconvenient. This is because the food wouldn’t automatically be flushed down, and you may have to run the hose from the sink to do so.

This may not turn out to be a significant issue, though, precisely for two reasons:

  • Only some Kraus sinks, apparently some of the larger ones, seem to have this issue
  • It’s not going to take much of your time to use the faucet to flush down the food

Prone to Scratches

Now, in all honesty, this is something that we want you to know just for the sake of knowing, as this isn’t something specific to Kraus sinks, but pretty much all stainless steel sinks in general. Do you know of any stainless steel sink that isn’t prone to scratches? We bet you don’t!

However, the otherwise impressively smooth surface of Kraus sinks does make them slightly more prone to scratches, but there’s a simple way to get around the issue.

If you simply clean a Kraus sink in the direction of the grain, it would probably look as good as new for years to come, with very few scratches.