Kraus KHU102-33 Standart PRO Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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That being said, the Kraus KHU102-33 is certainly not an exception, either. It’s priced in the low-to-mid price range, but it still easily manages to be quite a competition to all those “premium” quality products out there. It has everything you can imagine in a kitchen sink, and perhaps a lot more.

But let’s get a little more specific here and dig a little deeper below.

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Builder Grade Quality


If you’re not aware of the technical terms used to refer to kitchen sinks by the professionals, a builder grade sink is one of the most durable, high-quality sink, usually the one that manages to get the trust of the professionals. Needless to say, you don’t find that kind of premium quality anywhere near this price range.

And hence, the Kraus KHU102-33’s quality, given its incredibly low price (when compared to what it offers) is more than surprising, to say the least. It boasts a T-304 stainless steel construction, made with 16-gauge steel which is believed to be one of the most durable of its kind, handcrafted by skilled workers who take care of every small requirement of the buyers and more.

There are many customers saying how great it still is after a year of regular use, and that speaks volumes about the kind of durability and quality it brings to the table for a sink that’s so affordably priced.

Amazingly Large and Deep

This is another feature of the Kraus KHU102-33 that makes it hard to believe the price it’s being sold at. Even many builder grade sinks are just 6-7 inches deep, but the KHU102-33 is considerably deeper than that, not to mention it is generously large as well. This certainly paves the way for a very pleasant cleaning experience especially when you’re washing big items.

However, the large and deep size doesn’t come with a compromise on the functionality in any shape or form. In fact, the KHU102-33 is also one of the most functional products you will find in this price range.

It promises you a surprisingly quiet cleaning experience, thanks to its thick rubber dampening pads, among other sound-insulating features. Then the channel grooves, too, reflect the skills of the artisans that handcrafted this product, as they are extremely well-engineered for easy and optimal drainage. You also wouldn’t have the typical problem of dirty water blocking the sinkhole as with many other products at this price.

Talking about functionality, the KHU102-33 also comes with 2 stainless steel racks. One of the racks acts as a drying rack for the items you have just washed, while the other one prevents the items from hitting the bottom in order to avoid any kind of damage to the sink and ensure an even better level of durability.

Premium Look and Feel

Well, pretty much everything is so “premium” about the KHU102-33 despite its far-from-premium price. While we have covered a lot about it above, there’s also the fact that the KHU102-33 is as gorgeous as it’s spacious.

You get a perfectly high-end, premium look for a reasonably low-end price. But it doesn’t have the “looks” alone.

It’s also very easy to clean and work with the KHU102-33, and there are also many impressive accessories that make it a kind of luxury product.

A Final Word

To sum it up, we don’t think there are many other kitchen sinks on the market that offer you the kind of value for money the KHU102-33 does. Unless you’re willing to drop a huge sum of money on a sink, the KHU102-33 is definitely a hard-to-beat option in pretty much every important aspect you can think of.

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