Swan Granite Sink Reviews – Is It Worth the Money?

You may not think much of the sinks around your home, but can you imagine what life would be like without them? Sinks give us a direct connection to clean and usable water (for the most part), but that isn’t good enough for some people – if you’re like me, you want to go above and beyond what others are traditionally looking for. Having a sink that is both sturdy and unique in regards to its looks is a must, at least it was for me! I’ve been fixing up bathrooms for well over a decade now, as well as other maintenance rooms – and Swan has never let me down in the sink department.

I was looking high and low, trying to find a sink that would work with my main floor’s laundry room. Finding the best sink possible for your needs isn’t always that easy, as there are a few things that you need to consider before you make that purchase. If you rush into purchasing a sink, you could end up with something that throws the entire vibe of your room off – or even something that doesn’t have the right dimensions at all!

Sink shoppers have no fear, as I’ve figured out the perfect option for anybody seeking out a new sink for their laundry room. Deep tub sinks are reserved for “cleaning rooms” (like laundry rooms and even basements in general), as it would look a bit strange to have one of these sinks in your master bathroom.

Picking the Proper Sink

Sinks come in many different shapes and sizes as well as colors. When you’re looking to replace a sink, you’ve got to take many things into account: You need to ponder what the cost of the sink is going to be, as well as how large the sink is; what are the features included within?

Quality – Does the sink look like it’s going to get the job done? If so, you’re on the right track! Sinks that are made with long-lasting materials should be put above all else.

Price – If you can find a sink that is not only affordable, but in high in quality as well, you may have just struck the jackpot!

Reputation – Many brands out there will say that they offer the best possible sinks, but look at online reviews (such as this one!); what kind of picture do they paint?

I wasn’t about to settle for a lackluster fit because let’s be honest, I like pooping and then washing my hands in a wonderful sink – seeing as it was for the laundry room this time around, that dream may have to wait for another time around.

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Swan Sinks Reviews: What Makes This Sink So Good?

swan granite sink reviewsThe Swan SSUS-1000.042 Gray Granite Solid Surface Utility Sink is the perfect color match for just about every single scheme around, which is why I was looking at it in the first place. My laundry room wasn’t finished at the time and I didn’t have the walls painted, meaning I wasn’t sure as to which color I would go with. With a gray sink, it gave me a lot of different options to choose from. It wasn’t just the color that caught my attention though, as there were many other pros to take away from all of this.

The sink is perfect for laundry rooms, as it’s got a very tough surface; it’s also renewable and very easy to clean. The faucet is up to you, as just about any faucet between 4 to 8 inches will work. It’s incredibly easy to install, and the drop-in tub look allows for a modernized laundry room look to be created with ease.

Item Details

This sink is very sturdy, especially when you take into account how much weight is available. It comes in at about 17.4 pounds, which isn’t too heavy or too light – some would argue that it’s just right (you know, like the porridge Goldilocks ate). The reviews online are raving, and I guess you could throw mine into the mix as well, I’ve had nothing but amazing times when it comes to washing my clothes with this sink in the room. Does that mean you still can’t go ahead and do it anyway? Not at all, but don’t expect for things to go great.

Installation is incredibly simple, as it’s a drop-in countertop style sink (meaning you simply drop this into the mold/fit in your bathroom or laundry room), and I was able to do it in about 15 minutes or so. Additionally, I’m awful when it comes to everything DIY, so this was a very nice touch, to say the least. Some other details include:

Color – Gray (Granite)

Material – Solid Surface

Size – 22 x 14 x 25 inches

Swan is known to produce high-quality products through and through, so it only makes sense to expect that this sink is going to follow suit.


After using this sink for well over 2 weeks, I have nothing but great things to say. I don’t know what it’s like to use a cheap sink, as I was replacing a completely broken one anyways – and all of the other sinks around my house are faring quite well as we speak. With that being said, if I do ever have to replace another sink (and it’s in a spot like a laundry room or anywhere else where a solid surface sink would apply), I’m going to go for the Swan SSUS-1000.042 Solid Surface Utility Sink.

Does this mean that you’re always going to find an affordable fit when it comes to sink shopping? Well, not at all – sometimes you’re going to have to dish out the big bucks, and that’s okay. Washing your hands in a sink is a privilege, not a right, which is why the best looking sinks are only going to increase in price.

Thankfully, this product brings together both quality and affordability with ease. If you’re one who enjoys pinching their pennies, there is no better sink option to go with.

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