AKDY Apron Farmhouse Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Review

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akdy sink reviewsGenerally, a kitchen is a very crowded place.

There’s the dishwasher, the faucet, the cutlery, the oven, the toaster, the coffee maker, the sink, the cutting board… ugh!

Oh, and if you have fists of ham, yeah buddy, you aren’t gonna be a Gordon Ramsey anytime soon (though you could give him a run for his money as far as swearing is concerned).

So, to make you less of a bull in a China shop and more of a Ramsey, we present to you the AKDY Kitchen Sink. How will this make you more efficient? Good question!

Basically, it’s a combination of a kitchen sink and a cutting board, organizing two very important elements of the typical kitchen countertop into one very compact space.

So, to tell you all about this amazing sink, we’ve reviewed it for you and here’s what we think of it. Let’s get started!

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AKDY Sink Reviews 2020: What do we like about this product?


A very important aspect of a sink is the form and what makes up the form, and we’re glad to report that the AKDY sink is made of stainless steel which is very durable, resistant to extremely hot or cold temperatures and generally not very prone to smudges and scratching.

Of course, it goes without saying that stainless steel is impervious to rust, something likely to happen in a moist environment.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the AKDY also has a coating on the bottom and the side and front faces to prevent any marks and scuffs from appearing during installation.


Now, on to the main highlight of this product.

The sink itself is split into three parts: the left side consists of a colander, the middle portion houses the strainer and the drain, and the right side is home to a bamboo cutting board which is safe for use as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Both the colander and the cutting board are adjustable, meaning they can slide across the sink as you please, so you can use them to cover different parts of the sink or place them as convenient. Also, the drain itself features a lid, so you can prevent pesky bugs from getting in there and blocking the passage.

Included with the amazing AKDY sink is an adjustable tray that is useful for holding veggies, fruits and etc for when you are washing and chopping.

Furthermore, the AKDY features thoughtful little touches throughout, such as the two-stepped ledge that looks great (we personally used it to keep our iPad and watch cooking videos side-by-side!) and the space for the faucet behind the ledge.

The AKDY also has a sound-absorbing pad to prevent annoying noise from reaching guests or fickle sleepers. And lastly, the 9-inch deep design can hold a ton of kitchen items.


One major aspect of buying and installing any sink is the amount of hassle that you will have to deal with during installation.

However, we’re glad to report that you have to deal with only minimal hassle while installing the AKDY sink because it drops in perfectly into measured countertop cutouts. And the fact that AKDY provides an apron under the sink’s mount and the placement area for the faucet is well-judged.

The sink measures 33 inches by 20 inches and has a depth of 9 inches.

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Where does this product disappoint?

The AKDY is not perfect, and though we had to nitpick, we did find a few flaws.

First off, not everybody will appreciate the philosophy that went into creating this product. Yes, everybody loves a jack of all trades, but a jack of all trades is a master of none. It’s neither a proper cutting board nor a proper sink.

Secondly, the stainless steel construction is great for durability and longevity, but it does sacrifice aesthetics, as it is available in only one (high-quality finish). Of course, not everybody will care about aesthetics, so it depends from buyer to buyer.


  • Several functions combined into one product
  • Cutting board is made of bamboo
  • High-quality construction out of stainless steel
  • Integrated faucet placement


  • No color options
  • Underlying philosophy might not appeal to everyone


In this age of clutter, distractions and notifications, it’s easy to become a little wooly-brained, and matters aren’t helped by the fact that our kitchens are almost always a mess.

Thankfully, the AKDY sink is a functional, utilitarian and convenient product that helps you organize your washing, cutting and organizing in the kitchen by providing you an integrated workspace that increases efficiency and saves time.

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