Ticor S6502 Pacific Series Reversible Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

ticor sinks reviewsIf you’re after getting the most bang out of your buck, the Ticor S6502 is probably the product you’re looking for. It has everything you can demand, but it also offers things you wouldn’t even expect.

It’s made from high-quality 16-gauge stainless steel, is a very durable sink, has non-toxic anti-condensation coating to ensure a high level of hygiene, and LOTS of useful, quality accessories. Despite these things, however, it has a very modest price tag attached to it.

This makes it a true value for money kitchen sink in every sense, and this is what we will be discussing in detail below.

Ticor Sinks Reviews: Features

Amazing value for money

The Ticor S6502 is actually a pretty affordable kitchen sink, but it comes with a surprisingly long list of features as well as a lot of accessories. It’s also a handcrafted sink made using 16-gauge high-quality stainless steel and comes equipped with noise deadening pads that make the daily cleaning a breeze.

Besides these features, it actually has a lot more to offer, which we will get to in a bit. However, it offers all of this for a surprisingly low price compared to other sinks that boast similar features and come with some useful accessories.

The accessories, too, seem to be pretty high-quality products, and you would likely be spending quite a coin to buy them if the sink didn’t include them. And yet, the sink is priced far less than sinks that include no accessories and are of a similar quality.

This is precisely what makes us say that the Ticor S6502 really does offer an amazing value for money that you may find hard to get with most other stainless steel kitchen sinks out there.

An impressively functional setup

The accessories the S6502 comes with helps you create an extremely functional workstation without spending a dime more than what you spend on the product. The grates work great at allowing you to dry the items while preventing anything from hitting the bottom too hard.

The strainer does its job amazingly well, too. It keeps all the leftover food stuff out of the drain pipe, without even showing itself thanks to being a great fit. The roll-up drying rack adds a touch of innovation to the overall setup and takes the overall ease of use to the next level.

The sink itself is pretty high-quality and very well insulated for sound. So there would be no annoying noise when using the sink or even just running water through it. The size of the sink, too, leaves nothing to be desired.

It’s easy to see how functional and convenient your cleaning workstation would be with the Ticor S6502. And that’s without spending a hefty amount that you would have to if you were to buy a high-quality sink and all the accessories separately.

Very spacious

The cleaning area of the S6502 is very roomy, and you would have no problem keeping all your utensils – including all the large ones – together. Similarly, it would be very comfortable washing them and keeping them for drying at the same time, thanks to the drying rack.

This would, in turn, save you a lot of time every time you’re doing your usual dishes and washing the utensils. Oh, and of course, the smaller bowl of the sink can come in handy as well at times, especially when there are guests at your home and you could do with a bit more cleaning space.

Great sound deadening with SoundShield™

Ticor has its own trademarked sound-deadening system, the SoundShield™. And the S6502 comes with this sound deadening system and coupled with the grates, it’s going to pave the way for an extremely quiet working experience.

The Ticor S6502’s noise deadening pads actually also cover as much as 85% of the bottom basin, meaning that most of the working area you would use would be covered by the sound deadening pads. This might not sound like something groundbreaking to you right now, but you would be glad to have it when you actually experience how much challenge it takes out of your everyday work.


  • One of the most value-for-money stainless steel kitchen sinks on the market
  • You would need nothing other than what the S6502 comes with to set up an amazing workstation
  • The larger bowl is very big and should be perfect for all your needs
  • The S6502 also comes with an impressive, trademarked sound deadening system
  • Ticor is one of the few brands that go out of their way to ensure that their products also offer a hygienic cleaning experience


  • The S6502 actually offers so much value that it’s really hard to find something that you wouldn’t like about it

Need we say more?

We hope you aren’t waiting for our final verdict on this product! If you are, then let us tell you that it’s an absolutely great buy that you would thank yourself for years to come.

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