JULIEN J18 025810 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

julien sinks reviewsJULIEN J18 025810, the expensive sink that we will be reviewing in this article, seems to be a promising product and worthy of the price it demands. If you’re wondering what makes us say that, stick around as we discuss that below.

Julien Kitchen Sinks Reviews: Features

Super Spacious

There’s probably no kitchen that would demand a larger cleaning area than what the JULIEN J18 025810 can offer as a kitchen sink. Its larger bowl is particularly very spacious, and you would find that you can not only comfortably clean all of your (oversized) pans and pots together, but also have a decent bit of surrounding area to not turn the bowl into a crammed cleaning space.

The other smaller bowl is actually not smaller at all by general stainless steel standards. It can easily accommodate any extra cleaning needs you may have such as when you have a lot of guests visiting you. It also adds a lot of functionality to the overall cleaning area when you don’t need to use it for keeping and cleaning things.

Finally, we think it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t let the product’s picture fool you. The picture does a terrible job of showing how large the sink actually is. The JULIEN J18 025810 is way larger than what it might seem based on the product’s picture and has a larger working area that you would probably ever need for household cleaning needs.

Stainless steel durability at its Best

When it comes to stainless steel kitchen sinks, the JULIEN J18 025810 is probably as durable a sink as it gets. It’s made using 18 gauge, high-quality stainless steel, which is probably the best kind of steel that can be used to make a stainless steel sink.

After all, there’s a reason you’re paying top dollar for it. The kind of durability it brings to the table certainly makes it worth the seemingly high price tag.

We would go on to say that the JULIEN J18 025810 is one of the best kitchen sink options on the market if you’re after the super rare combination of the functionality of a stainless steel sink and the durability of a granite or copper sink.

And that’s saying something, as there is hardly any stainless steel kitchen sink out there that can give the granite ones a run for their money in terms of durability. But as we all know, there are still a large number of users going with stainless steel sinks for their significantly superior functionality.

So why not just get the best of both worlds with the JULIEN J18 025810? Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find something as exceptional as the JULIEN J18 025810.

Simple yet classy look

If you’re after an unusual or highly sophisticated look, you may be a bit disappointed with what the J18 025810 has to offer on this front. However, if you don’t have any specific expectations with respect to the looks, then the J18 025810’s simple look may not fail to please you, especially given the classy feel it comes with.

However, the J18 025810’s isn’t all about looks, which is why you may not find it as attractive as many of the other stainless steel kitchen sinks in this price range. The thing is, Julien’s focus seems to have been a balance of aesthetics and functionality, which is precisely what you get with the J18 025810.

While it’s not the most gorgeous kitchen sink you can buy, it’s certainly one of the few options on the market that doesn’t compromise on the functionality and still manages to look fairly good.

Functionality: Doesn’t leave anything to be desired here!

And that brings us to the last, but perhaps the most highlighting feature of the J18 025810. The J18 025810 comes in a rather modest but highly functional design, and you would probably be surprised how easy it makes the usual cleaning for you.

The sinks’ surface area seems to be tilted towards its drainage, which would help get rid of most of the leftover food particles that you would otherwise have to remove manually. The corners of the sink are not hard to reach as well, meaning it’s going to be a breeze for you to clean it.

Our final word

Again, JULIEN J18 025810 is a very reliable stainless steel sink. You do have to pay more than what you would pay for most other stainless steel sinks, but you would also be getting a lot more in terms of durability than what you could get with the cheaper options.

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