Mowa HKN3322 Pro Series R10 Tight Radius Handmade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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As you might already know, a sink is the workhorse of a kitchen. So, we can’t afford to take blind shots at any random product in the middle of an ordinary day because the lasting value is in the details, which are largely hidden or not known to the masses. The fact that you are reading this post tells us that you are interested in knowing more about the Mowa HKN3322 Pro Series R10 single bowl kitchen sink. Gladly enough, we can help you over here. This review will get you to a point where you will know whether to consider or skip the product in question.

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Mowa Sinks Reviews 2020

Key Features

mowa sinks reviewsMaterial

It has a 16-gauge stainless steel body as advertised by the makers. For the sake of inspection, we checked the body with a solid magnet, and it was not magnetic. As advertised, it’s a stainless-steel product for sure.


The product is said to be handcrafted from scratch. Therefore, we tried our best to find flaws in it, but we were not successful in our mission. So, thumbs up to the build quality as well.


It does fare well in the looks department too. It’s very sleek and modern. Also, it’s deep enough to hide messy dishes, and it has clean lines. It should suit most home decors.


The sink is coated with noise dampening material. So, it will save your ears from reaching its irritation threshold. We like it when companies pay attention to the details.


It’s well-engineered for proper drainage. Unlike other inferior sinks, the water does not collect in the entire basin. It moves smoothly towards the draining area. Even the guy who came for the installation work was impressed.


Comparative to other brands, this kitchen sink comes with many buying choices. The sink is currently sold in six different styles. So, users won’t feel ignored on the choices.


The Mowa HKN3322 Pro Series R10 is very reasonably priced to fit most budgets. A similar product from a high-end brand would cost as much as twice the cost of this sink.


The kitchen sink is nicely packed and protected to prevent the look of a ‘coma patient’ upon arrival. For added safety, it’s wrapped in a solid black bag before being placed into foam blocks.


A deluxe drain, 3 basket strainers, bottom grid, mounting hardware and an instruction manual is included in the package for no extra cost. It almost feels like Christmas morning!

Product Specs

  • The Mowa HKN3322 Pro Series R10 kitchen sink weighs 38 lbs and it is round in shape
  • The body is constructed from industry-grade T304 stainless steel
  • The sink dimensions are 33″ W x 22″ L x 10″ H. The sink depth is 10″
  • It supports a minimum cabinet size of 35″, and the drain size is 3-1/2″
  • Drop-in/Top-mount installation option

  • The company behind the product is a delight to work with
  • The workmanship on this sink is absolutely flawless
  • It’s easy to fall in love with the size of the kitchen sink
  • The Mowa single bowl kitchen sink comes with a 12-month limited lifetime warranty


  • Unless you hire a professional, the installation can be a bit of a hassle

Any Word of Advice?

Absolutely yes! Some users have reported that the sink doesn’t drain on its own. Although the complaints are a minority, we thought that it’s worth addressing this issue here. For those who don’t know, one must accurately level and shim their sink base in the first place. Those who are replacing their sink must ensure that the old sink base is leveled correctly. If the base is off, it won’t drain properly on its own. In most cases, this is the missing link that could do the trick for most users who are complaining about improper drainage. Frankly speaking, we can’t really blame the makers for this because it’s not really a product defect. Keep in mind that we don’t like being the company’s advocate, but we are addressing this issue in the interest of the users who are stuck with this problem.


Mowa HKN3322 is sturdy, attractive, and well-constructed from top to bottom, not to forget the fact that it’s reasonably big and deep. For us, it’s a dream sink. Even my wife who hates everything under the roof (including me) likes this sink. The product is more streamlined and priced better than the competition. Therefore, we would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen with a top-quality sink. Trust us; it’s a beautiful beast to own, especially for the price you pay for it. It’s hard not to be impressed by the workmanship, and it deserves perfect 10 stars!

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