Kraus Quarza Dual Mount 50/50 Double Bowl Black Kitchen Sink Review

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If you are looking for a mid-range kitchen sink that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as offers a great value for money, then the double bowl KGD-433B granite model from Kraus is definitely worth considering.

The kitchen is believed to be the center of the home, and the KGD-433B can truly help transform it into something that would improve the overall value of your home.

Let us now discuss some of its most important features in detail below.

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Solid and Spacious

In order to qualify as an all-around good option, a sink must be both spacious and durable enough. The Kraus KGD-433B ticks both those boxes, while its timeless and classic design means it can naturally fit into most kitchen decors.

Its two identical-sized bowls combine for a length of 33 inches, a width of 22 inches, with the depth being 9.5 inches. These specifications translate to a substantial reduction in the spillage, which is otherwise something inevitable when it comes to cooking.

The high-quality composite material from which the sink is made contains 80 percent granite, which ensures the highest level of durability a kitchen sink can boast of. This is likely why the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to offer a limited lifetime warranty, which is usually only 25 years with many other products.

Incredibly Easy Installation

If you are fairly handy around the house, then the installation of the Kraus KGD-433B sink should be no more than a walk in the park. Even customers with no experience of this kind of DIY stuff mention about needing no more aid than a few YouTube videos to install the KGD-433B.

The instruction manual is pretty detailed and easy to follow and coupled with the easy installation, you will certainly not need to seek professional help.

The KGD-433B can be installed either as a drop-in sink or undermount. The sturdy stainless steel bowl separation rod can also act as an aid in this process, besides its more decorative role as a modern outlier in what is essentially a model with distinct retro design touches.

A Classy Presence …

When it comes to buying a sink, an important choice to make is whether to go with a stainless steel sink or a granite one. Sure, there are some functional arguments to be made in favor of stainless steel, but from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, the decision is a no-brainer.

The look and feel of the KGD-433B are easily comparable to some of the sinks costing much more than it. However, it isn’t only about aesthetics.

Backing its appealing looks is its superior functionality, thanks to its features like noise absorption, being resistant to heat and also stains and scuff marks.

Similarly, there are going to be no discoloration or chipping issues, something which is rather common with many granite sinks in this price range. These features make it easy to see why the KGD-433B offers a great value for money, especially for a double bowl granite sink.

Surprisingly Low on Maintenance

If you have used a granite kitchen sink before, you don’t need to be told how demanding their maintenance needs can get. And honestly speaking, you wouldn’t expect it to be anything different with the KGD-433B, especially given it’s a mid-range sink.

However, as we said above, you do get a lot more than what you pay for the KGD-433B, and this is true for its maintenance needs as well.

While it would usually always look clean without any daily or even regular cleaning, simply wiping its surface using a good cleaning agent from time to time would probably make it look as attractive as it did as a brand new sink.

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