Ruvati RVH8400 Undermount Corner Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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Ever heard of a premium kitchen sink at a budget price? Well, if you haven’t, you will be pleased to know about the Ruvati RVH8400. It’s pretty much everything a sink costing twice its price would be but is priced way cheaper than other premium sinks.

Now if you’re not familiar with the other kitchen sinks out there, let us tell you this really is a rarity. There are not many products that manage to get all positive ratings, even if they are from some of the top brands on the market.

If this introduction made you feel that the Ruvati RVH8400 is something worth having in your kitchen, stick around as we talk about its features in detail.

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Modern, Innovative Design

One of the most important features a premium kitchen sink boasts is a modern yet perfectly functional and practical design. And the Ruvati RVH8400 surely doesn’t disappoint in the slightest when it comes to that.

While it looks very modern and stylish and your kitchen will thank you for having it, it’s actually designed in a unique, innovative way that also makes your work so much easier. As far as cleaning is concerned, the tight radius corners will make it surprisingly easy to reach and clean every single corner of the sink and make it look as good as new, which can often be a tedious job with many other products in the low-to-mid price range.

Then there’s the rear drain placement that prevents the dishes from ending up on the drain and thus causing issues with the flow of the water. Similarly, the elegantly designed drain grooves – while enhancing the overall look of the sink – also ensure that the water easily finds its way towards the drain in order to always leave the sink’s surface clean and dry.

The bottom of the sink is perfectly flat, though; and it’s within about half an inch of the bowl edges. What this does is keep things like glasses and others with a flat bottom from falling over and allows them to stand upright in the sink.

The sink itself is very deep and large and comes with many extra accessories that would otherwise cost you a decent buck such as drains and baskets.

Solid Construction with Great Sound-Deadening

Being made of 16 gauge stainless steel and handcrafted by skilled professionals, the Ruvati RVH8400 is incredibly sturdy and well-made. Also, just like most other premium products out there, it comes with heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating, which means you would not have to deal with the constant, annoying noise that can make your usual washing so much more tiring.

However, it takes things to a whole new level with its luxurious satin finish, which makes it look very attractive and luxurious. This is definitely something very hard to come by in this price range.

There are customers saying that they are glad they got this sink as a part of their kitchen remodeling, with one of them mentioned in their review it was their favorite kitchen upgrade!

Saves You a Lot of Money!

There are so many customers saying how it saved them a lot of money, with one of them saying that a sink like the Ruvati RVH8400 would have definitely cost them twice of what they paid for. The sink comes in phenomenal packaging, so you need not worry about it getting damaged during the shipping.

Finally, for everything that the Ruvati RVH8400 brings to the table, it would probably be a mistake to not buy it unless perhaps if you’re looking for a copper sink or have a much higher budget for a better product.

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