Ruvati RVH8300 Workstation Ledge Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

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ruvati workstation sink reviewsBeing organized is paramount to happiness, productivity, and peace.

However, these days, as the number of things that need our attention only keeps growing, it seems that our consumerist society is actively advocating chaos.

Chaos pervades every sphere of lives, and it seems the case is no different when it comes to buying a kitchen sink. You’re faced with a ton of options, but most of them are no good. You know that, and you still have to buy one, but they’re all crummy… UGH!

So, wouldn’t it be nice if, paradoxically, consumerism spawned something the consumer actually wants, as it should? Introducing the Ruvati Workstation sink!

It integrates a few of the many things you use in the kitchen, those being the colander, the cutting board and of course, the sink.

So, without further ado, let’s tell you all about the Ruvati Workstation. Let’s get started!

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Ruvati Workstation Sink Reviews 2020: What do we like about this product?


The Ruvati is a useful, functional and utilitarian product, and its construction is the first indication of all this.

It is made from industrial-grade stainless steel, 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel to be precise (18/10 Chromium/Nickel). The benefit of stainless steel construction is that it isn’t prone to rusting or staining and therefore, you can work in your kitchen with the peace of mind that nothing will stick to the sink, and you can go to bed in peace knowing your sink won’t rust.

However, the construction perks don’t end there, as Ruvati has included with this sink an industrial-grade undercoating that absorbs noise and thick rubber padding to reduce condensation.


Now, to address the most important aspect of this sink: its design. The Ruvati Workstation has several thoughtful design features.

First up, the main elements. In the middle of the sink, you have the drain, on top of which rests the mesh/dish holder. Over the mesh on the right side, a wooden cutting board is present and on the left side, you’ll find the colander.

Both the colander and the cutting board are on tracks, and the ledges are designed so that they slide across easily and without any hindrance.

Other nifty design features of the Ruvati workstation include overhanging lips on the front and back, aiding with installation as well as providing flexibility with fitting and adding to the aesthetic of the product. The sloped bottom ensures that the dirt, grime and scum actually finds its way down the drain and doesn’t remain stuck on the edges.

Lastly, the corners on the inside of the Ruvati are incredibly sharp and provide a very modern look to the sink when viewed from a top-down position, and Ruvati calls this “zEDGE”.


While the Ruvati Workstation is a no-nonsense and no-frills unit, that doesn’t mean it does aesthetics poorly. In fact, Ruvati’s emphasis on durability has a welcome benefit: the finish is absolutely stunning!

Okay, granted, while you only get one drab finish (grey) which may not be to everyone’s taste, the finish itself is beautiful. It has just the right amount of luster, it doesn’t seem incredibly prone to scuffs, marks and scratches, and complements the utilitarian approach of the Ruvati.

Oh, and the inside of the Ruvati is finished in what Ruvati calls an “artisan-grade Satin finish”, and we’re happy to report that it looks absolutely stunning, as it provides some blingy relief from the drab exterior.

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Where does this product disappoint?

Unfortunately, the Ruvati, despite its brilliance, does have a few flaws.

First off, the Ruvati does not come in a number of finishes. In fact, it comes in just… one finish. That’s disappointing for someone in the market for an artsy three-in-one sink like this. However, it is worth pointing out that the few rivals the Ruvati has are all finished in the same drab grey color, and a stainless steel construction severely limits the manufacturer’s options.

Also, the tracks on which the cutting board and colander move seemed a little tacky to us. Of course, it’s safe to say that these issues will be resolved when the product reaches you because Ruvati told us our model was an early one and the issue has been resolved since.


  • Integrates three functions into one sink
  • Colander and cutting board move using tracks
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Thoughtful design features
  • Comes in a number of sizes


  • Available in only one finish
  • A few fixtures seemed a little weak


The Ruvati Workstation is best described as an amazing bit of kit, something that will really add style and functionality to your kitchen. By integrating three functions into one unit, it helps eliminate chaos and organizes your kitchen for a more efficient and calmer experience.

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