Kraus C-KCV-121-1007SN White Rectangular Ceramic Sink Review

A brand new bathroom can start with the Kraus C-KVC-121-1007SN sink. This sink is made of high quality ceramic and satin nickel. It is incredibly easy to install and cleaning it is a snap. It features a brass umbrella pop-up drain and a high gloss finish. The mounting hardware for this sink is included with step by step instructions on how to install it. This sink has a very contemporary look that can truly compliment any room. Kraus is a company in the United States that many plumbers and homeowners have turned to when they are ready to install new sinks.

This Kraus sink is perfect for any bathroom renovations. It really can change the entire look of the bathroom with one simple installation. Plumbers love it because of how easy it is to install and DIYers feel just the same way. This sink will get plenty of compliments from guests and homeowners will want to use it in all of their bathrooms.

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  • For a very stylish look added to the bathroom, this sink is the perfect fit.
  • It is priced very reasonably for the high quality that it can give to any bathroom.
  • Many homeowners have ended up using it for their home bar as well because of just how well it looks on the counter spaces. It is by far one of the favorites that Kraus has made recently.
  • This sink is available in four different finishes which giveĀ customers options for when it is time to replace their current sink.
  • This sink helps to remove any extra clutter on the bathroom counter tops. With its minimalistic look, it can bring a new style to the bathrooms in the home.


  • Because of the way this sink is shaped, many customers have reported that there is too much water that splashes from the inside onto the counter tops. Depending on what type of faucet is used, the splashing can be even worse.
  • Some customers have also complained that the sink is too high for the vanity that they had used.
  • There were customers who were not happy with the way it is shaped and the fact that it is an above-mounted sink and not undermounted.
  • Some were not happy with the minimalist look to this sink.

Once this sink has been installed in the home, the compliments will just keep coming. The beauty and functionality of this Kraus C-KVC-121-1007SN sink are what keepĀ the Kraus customers buying from them. It is very easy to install and it will look like pure perfection on the countertop. When this sink is matched up with the perfect faucet, the combination will be unstoppable! This sink can be used in any bathroom in the home and for a fine change in the laundry room as well.

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