Vigo Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2018 – Cutting Edge Design With Workmanlike Aesthetic

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Choosing the right things to install in your kitchen can be a massive commitment, so you’ll want to be sure that you’re choosing the right product for your needs. In this article, we’re going to cover the things you need to know about Vigo’s kitchen faucets so you can find out whether or not they’ll be the right choice for you.

Vigo Faucet Reviews 2018

The Vigo Company

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the faucets that are made by Vigo, then you’ll have to get to know the company before anything else. Founded in New York back in 2009, Vigo may not have been around for as long as you would expect, but they more than make up for it.

As one of the most innovative companies in the industry, Vigo is catered for customers who want advanced faucets that are also reliable. While their products may look experimental, Vigo faucets are known as some of the best ones out there, especially when you account for value for money.

What Makes Vigo Kitchen Faucets Special?

If you want to decide for yourself whether Vigo kitchen faucets can work well or not, you’ll have to know what makes them the best choice in their price range. For example, the cutting edge design of Vigo’s kitchen faucets means that they have a unique and workmanlike aesthetic.

While slightly industrial, Vigo kitchen faucets still look minimalistic enough to fit in no matter what kind of kitchen you find them in. However, the typical stainless steel construction and the industrial look means that Vigo kitchen faucets are usually one of the best choices for more modern kitchens.

When Vigo is designing a new kitchen faucet, they want to make sure that they have a product which looks unique but also works better than the competition. If you’re buying a new faucet, you’ll want to be sure that the product you’re buying can perform as well as looking good in the first place.

In the end, the amount of love that goes into Vigo’s kitchen faucets makes them superior to nearly every other product on the market. When coupled with Vigo’s customer-first method of operation, the improved quality of these faucets results in products that are worth far more than their price tag would suggest.

Aspects Where Vigo Kitchen Faucets Excel

We’ve told you nearly everything you need to know about the Vigo company itself. Getting to know the product that you’re about to purchase is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t be disappointed by your new faucet. Let’s go over some of the features you’ll find in Vigo kitchen faucets.

Unique Design

When buying a new faucet, the first thing you’ll notice is how the product you’re looking at differs from the average model out there. Vigo has some of the most unique faucets on the market, as they are designed to look different while retaining excellent performance that you won’t see in other products.

As we’ve mentioned before, Vigo has faucets with a heavy industrial look to them, though they’re far easier to use than you would expect based on your first impression. When a guest sees a Vigo faucet in your kitchen, they won’t be forgetting it anytime soon because the design is so noticeable.


Of course, performance is a vital part of whether your faucet will work out for you or not because you don’t want a product that looks pretty yet doesn’t work. Vigo kitchen sinks tend to run for far longer than competing models due to their consistency and reliability.

For example, the water pressure in these faucets will typically be consistent, provided you don’t have any issues with the plumbing in your house. To ensure that a faucet works properly, a lot of work has to go into the research and production process, and that will improve the consistency of their performance.

Focus on Customer Feedback

Another advantage to Vigo is that they pay attention to what their customers have to say about their products. When a company closely follows the feedback from their buyers as soon as possible, they’ll be able to make adjustments far quicker than their competition, which helps keep them on top of the pack.

In fact, if you have any criticisms, then you can email Vigo and possibly see your recommendations implemented in the next faucet that they release. All of the best sink and faucet makers listen closely to what their customers have to say, and Vigo is no different from them.


While it may not be a clear feature of their faucets, you’ll find that Vigo is one of the best companies in this industry thanks to their sheer persistence. For example, when they have a design that doesn’t sell as well as the rest of them, they don’t give up on it and instead try to improve it.

Vigo products tend to get better over time, and their longer-lasting designs usually have more impressive qualities when compared to the competition. The amount of effort that goes into refining these faucets helps make them much more effective even if they may be a little more expensive.


If you want to ensure that you’re doing a good deed for the world, then you’re going to have to ensure that you’re buying products which are made sustainably. Vigo is known for creating faucets that are made with materials and methods that are sustainable for the world in the long run.

We are the only ones who can change the world, and we need to take the initiative. Through abiding conventions and accords that work towards a greener earth, Vigo faucets are one of the best choices for people who want to live their lives with a clean conscience.


Vigo’s products may look a little unconventional, but they’re far more effective than most of the traditional-looking options on the market. We hope that this review has given you the info you need to decide whether you want a Vigo faucet in your home or not.