Pfister Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2018 – Technological Leader of Faucets

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Pfister LF5297TMY Hanover 1-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If you want your kitchen to look as spiffy as possible, you’re going to have to go over every detail, from small to large. One of the more critical fittings that you’re going to have to go over when setting up your kitchen is the faucet. Today, we’re going to be reviewing Pfister kitchen faucets to give you an idea of what to expect from them.

Pfister Faucet Reviews 2018

The Pfister Company

When it comes to the faucet industry, there is no better indication that you’re choosing the right company than experience. If a company can survive a long time in this industry, you can be sure that they’ve been getting by through the sheer merit of their products and not much else.

This Pfister company was founded all the way back in 1910 in Los Angeles, and ever since then, they’ve become one of the world’s biggest faucet makers. From the bathroom to the kitchen, Pfister is known for making some of the best faucets around, and they are always innovating in the field.

What Makes Pfister Kitchen Faucets Special?

As you would imagine, after over 100 years in business, Pfister must have some tricks up their sleeve when it comes to manufacturing kitchen faucets. There are a few key areas where Pfister is superior to the competition, and we’ll be taking a look at them in this section to see if their faucets are right for you.

First off, Pfister kitchen faucets are always ahead of the curve when it comes to the development of new products in this field. Since Pfister has always been leading technological shifts in their field, innovation is second nature to them, and the benefits are yours since you’ll have a more effective faucet.

Keep in mind that innovation is hard to master because a company needs to balance the reliability of their features with their novelty. Where many other manufacturers fail is in the implementation of newer features, as they may render their products unreliable, but that’s never the case with Pfister.

Another area where Pfister beats out the competition is their staff. As you would imagine, people who are passionate about bathroom and kitchen fittings would love to work for one of the biggest names in the industry. From the manufacturing to the customer service department, Pfister’s employees are some of the best.

Aspects Where Pfister Kitchen Faucets Excel

To know whether or not Pfister’s products will be able to make the cut in your kitchen, you’re going to find out the aspects where they beat out the rest of the competition. In this part of our review, we’re going to take an in-depth look at all of the best parts of Pfister faucets, so bear with us.

Professional-Grade Construction

One of the more noticeable qualities of the kitchen faucets you can buy from Pfister is the fact that they’re made to professional standards. When you’re looking around for the right faucet, you may notice that some manufacturers provide products that are a little less impressive, but you shouldn’t settle for anything that is less than the best.

If you want your kitchen faucet to be able to withstand the rigors of time, then you’re going to want to be sure that it’s constructed to the best standards possible. While these faucets may be a little more expensive, they will end up paying themselves off in the years of service you get out of them.

Advanced Design

Of course, there’s more to the right kitchen faucet than higher expectations when it comes to the way the product is built. The way a faucet is designed lays out the foundations for whether or not it will be able to compete with the best of them in the first place.

Making sure that you opt for a company that puts extra effort into the design process is one of the more crucial things you can do as a buyer. In the end, Pfister’s additional experience in this field means that they’re used to employing more advanced designs in their faucets.


Beyond that, the quality of the faucet is another aspect that you’re going to have to consider when you’re setting up your kitchen. Pfister’s skilled employees ensure that their products are made with precision and care, which means that the build quality of their faucets is nearly unmatched by their competitors.

In the end, superior quality will benefit you above all else, as you’ll get a faucet which will be able to perform better for a longer time. If you want to be confident in your faucet, then Pfister is one of the better companies that you can choose from, as their products will simply be built better.

Market Research

Pfister’s development division is better than that of their competition because of the exceptional amount of research that they do to maintain their position at the top. This company makes sure that they know what their customers want before they start working on a new faucet.

Since Pfister pays attention to what customers expect from them, they’ll be able to meet your expectations and even exceed them, which gives them an edge. As you would expect, innovation can only go so far without direction, and that’s exactly what Pfister’s research provides for them.


Beyond everything else, there’s much to be said for Pfister’s warranty, as it shows exactly how much faith they have in the quality of their faucets. Companies that aren’t willing to support their products under extended warranty like Pfister may end up having something to hide.

All of Pfister’s faucets come with a lifetime warranty, which ensures that you’ll get a replacement or repairs for any faucet that fails due to a factory defect. This further lengthens the extended lifespan that you can expect from these faucets.


Pfister has been around for over 100 years for a reason, and that reason is simple: they make quality faucets. We hope that this guide has been able to help you decide whether or not their products are the right choice for you.