Blanco Meridian Semi Professional Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Review

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What would you do without a faucet?

Imagine that after you enjoy a sumptuous meal with your family, and now the dishes are dirty.

So, of course, you head to your kitchen to wash them, except there isn’t a faucet to draw water from!

I know, such an eventuality is highly unlikely in our modern times, but you know what isn’t unlikely? Having a lousy faucet, one which leaks, rusts, sputters and eventually floods your kitchen.

I would rather have no faucet at all.

So, if you fancy getting a great faucet over a bad faucet, why not try a faucet by Blanco?

The product we’re featuring today, the Blanco Meridian is an excellent option if you’re planning a kitchen faucet upgrade. Before we tell you why, here are some of its features.

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Blanco Faucets Review 2020: Features

  • Comes in a high-arc design with a protector coil and two finishes
  • Features a ceramic disc cartridge
  • Solid brass construction
  • Spray head pulls down and features two spray modes
  • The flow rate is a claimed 2.2 gallons per minute

Why do we love the Blanco Meridian?

Here’s why the Meridian is such a good faucet.


blanco faucets reviewAt first glance, the Meridian looks like the perfect blend of modern minimalistic design and functional industrial design.

Well, that’s true, because the Meridian’s slender body and its modern high-arc design are all modern fare, but the protector coil is old-school industrial, meaning this faucet gives off a pretty-yet-tough vibe, with the horizontal crossbar only adding to that.

Many of the design elements on the Meridian aren’t entirely for show or durability either; some of them are very useful and well-judged.

The single-handle design looks gorgeous, and the spray mode selector on the spray head does not detract from the Meridian’s beautiful lines at all. We particularly love the defined bottom section of the faucet.

All-in-all, while the slightly industrial design may not be for everyone, we’re big fans of it (especially when it’s all functional), and we believe the Meridian is a gorgeous faucet.

Fit and finish

The quality of the fit and finish on the Meridian is top-class.

First, let’s start with the fit. The Meridian does not sport much for a single operating handle and a head with switchable spray modes, so there isn’t much to fall off. However, you’d be surprised at how many faucets get the basics wrong, though the Meridian isn’t one of them.

Adding to the sturdiness are the protector coil and the crossbar, so this faucet will not break for a long, long time.

Coming to the finish, it is available in two colors, satin nickel and chrome, and both of them look the part. During our time, the finish didn’t chip, crack, rust or tarnish and kept on looking amazing!


Operating the Blanco Meridian is an absolute pleasure.

It sports a ceramic disc cartridge, so operation is smooth and easy. Adding to the smoothness is the presence of switchable spray modes, which lets you switch from a gentle aerated stream to a powerful spray, unleashing the full force of the 2.2 GPM flow rate!

The handle is easy to grab and grip, and if you twist it all the way, you’ll find that, despite the high flow rate, there is little backsplash (though this varies from countertop to countertop), which is a massive plus for the Meridian.


Unfortunately, this is where the review will cause a few pitchforks to be raised, but bear with us.

We concede that the Blanco Meridian is very spartan in its approach towards real innovative or top-shelf features, but it does tick the essential boxes.

Pull-down spray? Check. Switchable spray modes? Check. Ceramic disc valve? Check.

Your current faucet probably doesn’t boast these features, and the Meridian’s execution of incorporating these features is second to none.


  • Has an incredibly high flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Ceramic disc cartridge and switchable spray modes make for smooth operation
  • Designed to outlast your kitchen with its hose protector and crossbar
  • Fit and finish are top-class


  • The feature list isn’t something to write home about
  • High flow rate means water consumption is also high


The Blanco Meridian is a beautiful faucet that anyone would be proud to have in their kitchen. It is durable, looks good, performs well and reasonably priced.

While it does lack real features, the ones that it comes with are very well incorporated.

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