VCCUCINE Solid Brass Single Lever High Arch 2 Spouts Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

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vccucine faucet reviewsWith a brushed nickel finish and a stainless steel commercial grade single handle interface, the VCCUCINE range of commercial grade high arch faucets are simply one of the best that any modern homeowner can hope for.

The brushed nickel, stainless steel faucet comes with a dual-function pull-out sprayer which is versatile enough to offer an aerated stream for an incredibly powerful rinse cleaning.

Taking care of all those hard stuck and persistent food residue has never been easier with a faucet before.

And with the adjustable water pressure feature, you can make the stream gentle enough to clean all the fruits and vegetables which would have otherwise gotten damaged under higher pressure.

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VCCUCINE Faucet Reviews 2020: Why can it be the ideal pick for your kitchen?

When it comes to picking the right faucet for your kitchen, style should not be the only feature that you look out for. Functionality, ease of use, and durability are also certain aspects that must be taken under consideration, and the VCCUCINE faucet is one such model that boasts its supremacy in all of those departments.

So, here are some of the things that we believe make this faucet one of the best in today’s market:

Sleek and Modern Design

The VCCUCINE faucet has one of the cleanest and the most minimalist design that you will find out of any modern day faucet today. Its brushed nickel finish gives it a nice metallic sheen that goes rather well with a variety of kitchen designs, may it be traditional or a very modern one.

The single-handed use features have a design which supports a long button on the spray head, making the faucet much easier to use than most other models.


The brushed nickel finish makes the VCCUCINE incredibly long lasting and durable. It keeps the surface of the faucet much more resistant to scratches and corrosion and allows it to hold onto its long-lasting sleek design and shine for a very long time.

Additionally, the ceramic disc valves that the faucet comes with are among the best you will ever come across. It exceeds all expectations when it comes to durability and even goes a step further to break all industry longevity standards and promises a very durable performance for life.

With a minimum of 500,000 cycles, it truly is an incredible appliance to have in any kitchen space.

Ease of Use

Apart from the easy installation, another fantastic aspect of the VCCUCINE faucet is how incredibly easy to use it is.

With the water pressure adjusting feature, you can turn your faucet from a low flow fruit cleaner to a high-pressure utensil cleaning monster with just a click of the button at the top of the sprayer.

Moreover, both of these water features come through two separate nozzles, and you can seamlessly use them at the same time.

The high arc spout with 360-degree rotation is also a great feature to have for a variety of sink based activities. If you love giving your small furry pet a nice thorough bath, then this faucet will be able to effortlessly provide you with exactly that.

What did we not like about the VCCUCINE faucet?

Much like with other faucets which come with a brushed nickel polish, this faucet too is prone to watermarks and fingerprint staining.

Sure, the modernistic metallic style gives off a very minimalistic sophistication and can resist both scratches and corrosion, but when it comes to water stains and finger smudges, the VCCUCINE is not all that good.

Cleaning off the smudge marks can be rather difficult as well, as the VCCUCINE’s body and structure will not allow you to maneuver a cloth around it all that easily.



  • Simple and clean design goes well with all types of kitchen space
  • Easy to install and use with a two in one nozzle and sprayer
  • Durable build and design will last you for years
  • 360-degree arch head rotation for a variety of sink based activities



  • Easily susceptible to water stains and smudge marks
  • Can be hard to clean

Final Thoughts

For both a traditional or even a modern kitchen space, if you’re looking for a faucet model that will boast both appeal and functionality, then VCCUCINE has got you covered. Their line of brushed nickel faucets are simply one of the best and is highly sought after by both urban and suburban homeowners alike.

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