Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2019

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Kitchen faucets are one of the most vital elements that can make or break the entire look while designing your kitchen!

You can get everything right but still manage to mess up the look of your kitchen if the faucet isn’t up to the mark. Besides, they are also one of the most basic components of the kitchen that find use in almost everything you do in there.

It’s thus very important to find the right balance of aesthetics and utility when choosing a kitchen faucet.

Pull-down faucets have quickly emerged as one of the most popular types of faucets that are being used inside kitchens. This has a wide variety of reasons, ranging from their water-efficiency to the ease of use that this type of faucets provides.

So if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or designing one from scratch, we highly suggest you take a look at pull-down faucets!

In this guide, we’ve discussed in detail all the things you should look for while choosing a pull-down faucet for your kitchen.

So let’s get started!

Best Pull-Down Faucet 2019


What are Pull-Down Faucets?

Presently, pull-down faucets are the most widely sold types of kitchen faucets with billions of these models being sold all over the globe. These are undoubtedly one of the most aesthetic kinds of kitchen faucets available, and when coupled with their incredible versatility, they make for the perfect faucet for your kitchen!

As far as the aesthetics of pull-down kitchen faucets are concerned, this type comes in a wide variety of styles, and you’re bound to find one which matches your taste.

In general, the high-arched curved neck of these faucets can instantly make any kitchen look much more attractive!

When it comes to utility, pull-down faucets are one of the most efficient types, allowing you to have full control of the spray patterns.

This type of faucets comes with a spring-activated mechanism or a magnetic docking system that allows the sprout to extend from the faucet on its hoses and retract back as required. Pull-down faucets also come with the best spray heads in the market with functionalities you won’t find in other types of faucets.


  • Have much more varieties when it comes to spraying options than most other types in the market. This makes it much easier to fill or rinse
  • The hoses have a much lesser chance of getting kinks as you won’t need to move it around in different directions
  • Have the most ergonomic design. You just need one simple downwards motion to use the hose
  • Work well with deep sink kitchens
  • Best suited aesthetically for most modern-themed kitchens

How to buy the best rated pull-down kitchen faucets?

Choosing the best pull-down kitchen faucet can be hard, especially given the massive choice of options in terms of styles and functionalities that this type offers. So if you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect match for your kitchen, we’ve discussed the main things to look for when buying one.

So let’s get started!

Make sure it’s the right size

Before you order a pull-down kitchen faucet, make sure you take a good look at the measurements and ensure it has the right proportions for your kitchen sink. This is important when it comes to both functionalities as well as aesthetics.

Height is an important aspect of your faucet’s measurements. Make sure you choose a faucet with an adequate height to accommodate the things you’ll usually be washing in your sink.

You also need to take a look at your faucet’s reach, which refers to the distance from the spout to the point of connection it makes with the sink. This determines how much distance your faucet’s water stream can cover in your sink basin.

Choosing the right faucet mount

A lot of the sinks that are out in the market come with pre-drilled holes. Therefore, it’s critical to check your pull-down faucet’s specifications and check how many holes it requires for installation.

Most faucets with a single integrated handle will require just one hole for installation. If your faucet comes with extra features such as a side sprayer, you’d need to install an additional hole in your sink for it.

Choose the right style

Pull-down faucets come in a huge variety of styles and designs, and it’s not hard to get carried away by the insane number of choices in front of you!

Here’s a list of the most popular styles of pull-down faucets

  • Traditional faucets – These are best for those of you that are aiming to give your kitchen an old-fashioned “traditional” look. This type comes with curved surfaces and antiquated architectural forms that look incredibly classy.
  • Contemporary faucets – These faucets have more rounded and angular designs which provide a sharper and cleaner look. These work great with most modern kitchens.
  • Transitional faucets – These are basically a blend of both the contemporary and traditional styles, and look great in most kitchens.

Choose the material wisely and look out for the quality

Pull-down faucets can be found at both high and low ends of the pricing spectrum. While quality obviously varies with price, there are a lot of brands that offer high-quality products at pretty affordable rates.

Brass has traditionally been considered the best material for faucets in-general. However, ever since regulations limited the amount of lead that faucets can contain, plastic has emerged as a new contender to take its place. However, we recommend sticking to brass if you want your faucet to be durable.


Designing a kitchen can be a complicated task, and choosing the best pull-down faucet can be even more so.

We hope we’ve helped you out in choosing the right type of pull-down faucet for your kitchen!