Kingston Brass Reviews 2018 – The Master of Brass

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Kingston Brass KS1278ALBS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to your kitchen, the sink and the faucet play an integral role in establishing the style. Some will prefer rustic options while others like to opt for modern choices. Today, we’re going to be reviewing the kitchen faucets that are made by Kingston Brass. We’ll look at what you need to know about these products before you make your purchase.

Kingston Brass Faucet Reviews 2018

The Kingston Brass Company

Before we dive into what you can expect from their faucets, let’s take a look at the company itself. Kingston Brass was established in the late 90s in Chino, California. As you would expect from their name, this company is focused on the creation of brass fixtures for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Kingston Brass is a little less focused than other manufacturers as they offer a massive variety of products, with a catalog of over 70,000 different units for various applications. There are many competitors on the market, though few will be able to match Kingston’s quality.

What Makes Kingston Brass Faucets Special?

As you would imagine, the most recognizable aspect of faucets that are made by this company is their brass construction. Although many other faucet makers use the same material as well, Kingston Brass excels in their mastery of working with brass, as it can be a finicky metal.

Over the years, Kingston Brass has grown used to working with brass, to the point that it has nearly become second nature to them. As you would expect, this means that their build quality is far better than what you would expect from other faucet makers that only use brass as a secondary material.

If you love the look of brass in your kitchen, but you want to make sure that you’re dealing with a specialist, look no further than this company. Of course, their focus on the materials they use isn’t the only area where Kingston Brass beats out the competition, as their customer service is also nearly unmatched.

Kingston Brass believes in keeping their customers happy, and their customer service department is the biggest sign of that. Businesses survive through word of mouth, and if you’re a happy customer, then you’re more likely to recommend Kingston Brass, so they do what they can for their buyers.

Aspects Where Kingston Brass Faucets Excel

Now that you’re acquainted with the brand itself let’s go over some of the best characteristics of Kingston Brass’ faucets. We’ll be covering everything that makes these products a better option when compared to the competition, including other companies that specialize in brass kitchen faucets.

Customer Service

Unlike rival kitchen faucet brands, Kingston Brass has created their site with their customers in mind. For instance, they show their sales, technical support, and general inquiry email addresses to help customers who have questions or problems with their faucets.

This benefits the users because it allows them to utilize products made by Kingston Brass while also protecting them from any malfunctioning parts. So if you want a brand that’s transparent and reliable, Kingston Brass has gotten you covered.


You want a faucet that can last for more than a month. On average, good kitchen faucets function for about 3-10 years. So when shopping, you’ll want to ensure that the faucet you’re buying is built to last.

Fortunately, Kingston Brass crafts their faucets with durability in mind. Their 16-gauge stainless steel faucets are protected from rust and scratches. Long-term durability can be assured by the excellent build quality of the products you get from this company.

Build Quality

The aspect of durability leads us right into build quality, which is an area where Kingston Brass kitchen faucets beat out most of the competition. The right quality in a kitchen faucet will ensure that it functions effectively and reliably.

While you may end up paying a little bit more for these faucets, you’ll find that they can last far longer than other models, which will give you far more value for your money.


Another aspect that sets Kingston Brass apart from the competition is their soundproofed rubber pads. This allows users to operate in the kitchen without making too much noise. For those living in apartments, or want something quiet, you won’t have any problems with these kitchen faucets.

The soundproofing on these faucets also ensures that there isn’t any significant temperature buildup when the faucet is in use. The materials also act as thermal insulation which can help reduce instances of mold appearing or shifts in the durability of materials due to rapid changes in temperature.

In the end, all of this means that you’ll be able to use these faucets in the middle of the night without having to worry about waking up your whole family. While soundproofing isn’t often brought up when it comes to choosing the best faucets out there, it is still an integral quality that you should look for.

Plumbing Standards

You want a kitchen faucet that meets the regulations of your country to ensure that they are of good quality. Kingston Brass advertises that their products meet the highest standards of North America and we’d be wrong to disagree.

All of their faucets come with a warranty to protect their customers from any unexpected issues to occur. This means that you can send your faucet back for a replacement at any time. So try to get a faucet from this company if you want a faucet that’s verified and efficient.


Ultimately, King Brass faucets are a great addition to your kitchen. Not only are their products durable and resistant, but they have been tested to the point that they meet North American regulations. So try this company for once and see if their faucets are a great fit for you.