Brizo Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2018 – Innovation for the Masses

Your kitchen sink is a lot like a Swiss Army knife, as it allows you to handle an abundance of different jobs. Sometimes you’ll need to make use of it for thawing meat with hot water, or even just to fill up a glass of water quickly – you may even use it to clean your dishes. As a faucet expert myself, I know what goes into a quality product, which is why I’m such a big fan of Brizo and everything they bring to the table.

Brizo Faucets is a company that is known to provide people with luxury fittings, as opposed to the traditional faucet fixtures that you’ll see in an average household. These are items that tend to be reserved for the higher income households, as they are much more expensive than the simpler options available. Does that mean you have to avoid them altogether if you aren’t “rich”? Nope, it doesn’t mean that – it just means you have to be smart with your purchases.

If you’ve never heard of Brizo, you probably haven’t scratched the surface of the faucet marketplace yet. Even if you’re not looking into faucets for a sink, they have plenty of products available in the form of shower heads.

Brizo Faucets Reviews 2018: What is Brizo All About?

Brizo Faucets has one main goal in mind, and that is to bring the world of fashion and faucets together. If you’ve ever stayed in a high-end hotel, you know what their showers are like – the faucets are spewing out of the side or roof at strange angles, twisting and turning in a creative manner. Rainfall shower faucets (which are shower faucets that drop the water from above, mimicking rain) are incredibly popular these days, and Brizo has them by the boatload.

Bath and kitchen faucet options have never looked this sleek and unique, which is probably why there are so many people riding the Brizo train. With Brizo Faucets, any project that you approach will be one you can completely personalize. When I work with clients that have no regard for a budget, you already know that I’m making that leap for Brizo Faucets.


Being eco-friendly in this day and age will take you further, and Brizo has learned that from a first-hand experience. As an expert in the industry, I’ve seen companies grow with the release of a few key items; Brizo has managed to implement an eco-friendly operation into the majority (if not all) of their products. Even when you look at the pictures on the Brizo website, you get a feeling of pure luxury – most individuals would never think that there is an eco-friendly side to all of it.


When it comes to their kitchen products, Brizo offers up just about anything you’ll need. Your kitchen can be a space of peace and reservation, but it could also be the life of the party; in the end, that’s all up to you. They have faucets for the likes of:

  • Beverage faucets
  • Bar faucets
  • Kitchen faucets

They’ve also got many accessories and pot fillers for you to choose from, so there’s no excuse when it comes to improving upon your kitchen situation.


The Bath section of Brizo is a bit more loaded up, as there are plenty of different products for you to ponder. Not only are there shower heads and hand-showers (which are the extendable heads that you can use in the shower), but there are also custom showers to boot. You’ll also find products like:

  • Tub and shower packages
  • Tub faucets (with fillers)
  • Lavatory faucets
  • Bidet faucets
  • Body sprays
  • Bath accessories

Using your washroom should be a comfortable experience, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a dull one. If you want to go the extra mile and produce a bathroom that’s going to make people want to come over for that alone, you’ll need the assistance of Brizo bath faucets.

Innovation for the Masses: Faucet Style!

Brizo is looking to change the way people approach their faucet options, as well as how they go about creating their dream bathroom in general. When you want showers that seem like they belong to a spaceship, there’s really no other option to be considered – seeing as I’ve used Brizo Faucets in plenty of paid construction projects myself, you can probably take my word for it.

Then again, there is no better way to experience what Brizo has to offer than to get your hands on some of their products for yourself. Like I’ve said numerous times in this article, they have a product for just about everything you could ever need. While the price range is going to seem steep to some, it’s well worth the money spent!

If you don’t agree with the high prices, you’ve obviously never taken a shower with one of Brizo’s most popular shower head options, the “Charlotte Raincan Showerhead with H2O Kinetic Technology”. Realistically, any kind of shower head that has technology built into it is going to make your showers ten times better.


When the smoke clears, there is an obvious winner within the faucet industry. If you aren’t constantly looking into different DIY projects around your home/property, you probably aren’t going to be familiar with faucets as a whole. Some people can go their entire lives without ever experiencing a high-quality shower head or kitchen sink faucet, which truly is a shame. Brizo Faucets do indeed deliver on their promise to provide people with high-quality products, but it’s merely a matter of whether you’re willing to give them a try or not.

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure to weigh all of your options. Going with a lackluster faucet option is bound to screw you over in the long run, so why even take the chance? I tend to go with Brizo Faucets almost every single time I can, and I haven’t had a single regret to complain about just yet.