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kohler malleco touchless faucet reviews

Uncle Paul’s Choice: Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

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kohler faucet reviewsOne of the most used fixtures in the kitchen is the faucet.

If you consciously take note of the number of times you use it, you will understand it is an indispensable part of the kitchen.

It is impossible to imagine a functional kitchen without an efficient faucet. But efficiency is not the only metric we consider regarding taps these days – they can be a thing of beauty too!

How do you select a faucet for your kitchen that looks great and performs efficiently? Kohler offers some excellent products that you must consider. We have shortlisted three of the best options from the reputed brand and reviewed them for you.

Before getting into the intricacies of each of our top three Kohler kitchen faucet picks, let’s delve into some interesting facts about the brand.

About Kohler

best kohler kitchen faucetJohn Michael Kohler founded Kohler Co. in 1873 in Wisconsin. In 145 years of its existence, the company has been committed to providing exceptional products and services to improve its customers’ homes and lifestyles — the fundamental ideal of the company banks on innovation, design, and craftsmanship to enhance the quality of life of current and future generations.

You will not find many companies that have over 140 years of experience. Kohler commands significant goodwill and enjoys considerable market presence in the bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures industry.

Today, Kohler is run by the fourth generation members of the Kohler family. We have picked it as the best kitchen faucet brand because it does way more than just offering premium products. The company is committed to sustainable development and recently received the Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award.

Kohler Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2020

Now that you know why we have picked Kohler as the best kitchen faucet brand, it is time to dive into a detailed review of its three best products.

Without further ado, here are our top three recommendations:


Single Handle Pull-Down
28.5 x 12 x 4.5 inches

Single Handle Pull-Down
9 x 9.6 x 16.6 inches

Single Handle Pull-Down
8.5 x 4.3 x 17.6 inches

Single Handle Pull-Out
4.7 x 6.6 x 8.1 inches


Kohler Malleco Touchless Reviews

kohler malleco touchless faucet reviewsTaking the numero uno position in our ranking is the Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet. We love the ergonomic, elegant design of this faucet and the highly convenient touchless feature. You will appreciate how quickly you can turn on the water flow by just waving your hand or a pot beneath the sensor – no need to worry about spoiling the faucet with dirty hands.

The touchless feature needs six AA batteries to function, which is thoughtfully included with the faucet. The sensor responds in milliseconds, and the water flow turns off automatically after four minutes. We especially liked how easy it was to install it, thanks to the color-coded quick-connect fittings and pre-assembled supply lines. If you are a DIY installer, you will surely love this faucet.

An essential reason for recommending this faucet is its versatility. It is compatible with one, two, three, and four-hole sink configurations. The pull-down spray head offers dual functions of stream and spray. It is available in matte black and vibrant stainless finishes.

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  • DockNetik® magnetic docking system in the spout allows smooth gliding and secure locking of the spray head
  • Single lever handle and high-arch spout provide easy water flow control
  • Ceramic disc valves and durable metal build ensures long-lasting performance
  • It comes with the Kohler limited lifetime warranty
  • Replacing batteries at regular intervals can be inconvenient and expensive
  • Power AC Adapter has to be bought separately

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Kohler Simplice Kitchen Faucet Review

kohler touchless faucet reviewsThe K-596-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet by Kohler stands at the second position in our list. It is available in matte black, polished chrome, and vibrant stainless finishes to go with most of your kitchen themes. It features a tarnish and corrosion resistant finish, ensuring long-lasting elegance.

What we liked about this particular faucet from Kohler is its three-function spray head that allows you to switch between Stream, Sweep Spray, and Boost. The Stream function is ideal for filling pots, the Sweep Spray function allows superior cleaning, and the Boost function increases the water flow by 30%. Switching between these functions is made effortless by the sculpted buttons on the spray head.

You will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of a deck plate and pre-installed hose and spray head, offering easy installation. The ceramic disc valves match best-in-industry standards and provide optimal longevity. We especially like the pull-down feature that allows the spray head to reach even beyond the sink to carry out other tasks.

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  • MasterClean® technology incorporates flexible nozzles in the sprayhead that withholds mineral build-up and can be easily cleaned
  • DockNetik® magnetic docking system in the spout allows smooth gliding and secure locking of the sprayhead
  • It comes with the Kohler limited lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy build and ergonomic design ensure long-lasting performance
  • Some customers have faced problems with this faucet concerning leakage or dripping of water

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Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucet Reviews

kohler artifacts kitchen faucet reviewsTaking our final spot is the Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen Sink Faucet. It is available in oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, vibrant polished nickel, and vibrant stainless finishes – allowing coordination with almost all kitchen color themes.

This faucet from Kohler includes a three-function spray head that allows you to switch between BerrySoft Spray, Sweep Spray, and Aerated Spray. The BerrySoft Spray function is ideal for gently washing fruits and vegetables, the Sweep Spray function allows superior cleaning, and the Aerated Spray function is designed for filling pots.

Switching between these functions is made effortless by the sculpted buttons on the spray head. You will find the pull-down feature to be of great use for a wide array of tasks. It has a reasonable flow rate of 1.8 GPM.

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  • DockNetik® magnetic docking system in the spout allows smooth gliding and secure locking of the sprayhead
  • ProMotion® Technology incorporates a quiet, light braided hose and 360 degrees swiveling ball joint to enable enhanced comfort and maneuverability
  • It comes with the Kohler limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation makes this faucet a must-buy for DIY installers
  • Does not include matching sink drain and soap dispenser, which have to be purchased at additional costs

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Kohler Maxton Faucet Reviews

Superior quality

kohler maxton faucet reviewsThe Maxton bathroom faucet comes with a frosted nickel finish which gives it a fashionable exterior. Whether you have a traditional or modern styled bathroom, this classy piece will effortlessly complement the overall decor. Plus, it features a single lever handle making it easier to adjust water volume and temperature.

The ceramic disc valve and the overall construction emulates the premium quality of Kohler products. And this design is generally more preferred than the other types mainly for its durability. It also has a ScratchShield technology that ensures that the faucet can withstand the onslaughts of regular usage.

Aesthetic beauty

The very design of the Kohler Maxton centerset unit makes for an ideal choice because of its aesthetic appeal and sheer beauty. It comes with a durable nickel finish on the faucet exterior that not only prevents water spots but also showcases the brilliant craftsmanship. For those who don’t prefer high maintenance household products, this faucet will most likely suit your needs.

Moreover, this faucet has a minimalist yet stylish design that will be in trend for many years to come. So, irrespective of whether you’re getting the faucet for a new home or replacing an older one, you can rest assured because Kohler products are known for their reliability and durability.

Ideal size

The size of the faucet is another essential factor that we generally consider when shopping for a new model. After all, you need to make sure that the size of the faucet matches the sink in the bathroom.

This faucet has only one mounting hole, which is a common feature in most standard sinks. With curved lines and clean edges, it makes for a statement piece in your bathroom.

Moreover, the curved faucet head is such that it will fit ideally in both small and large-sized sinks. The design and size are perfect, and we say this because you don’t have to worry about water splashes. It’s also easier to maintain without having to worry about cleaning the faucet regularly.

Easy installation

If you check the number of mounting holes on the sink before you buy a faucet, it will help eliminate the issues related to drilling holes in the cast iron or marble sinks. This might seem like a simple task, but it isn’t easy to drill a hole through a sink.

So, for a more straightforward installation process, it’s best to make sure that your sink has only one mounting hole. And then, you can install this unit on your own, which means you can save money without seeking professional services.

What could’ve been better?

Even though we had an overall positive experience with this center set bathroom faucet by Kohler, it fails to impress the user when it comes to the instruction manual. The directions for use and installation are not very clear to comprehend by most people.

However, when you check out a few videos online, it gets relatively easier to complete the installation. Other than having a bit of an issue with the instruction manual, we believe it’s a value-added product considering the design and functionality of this faucet.

  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Features a ScratchShield technology
  • Simple and elegant design
  • High-quality nickel finish
  • Installation manual could be better

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 Final Words

When it comes to kitchen faucets, there is an overabundance of choices in the market. Whether you are a homeowner, a restaurant manager, or a professional interior consultant, choosing the perfect faucet is of utmost importance.

If you end up buying any of these three Kohler kitchen faucets, your kitchen will thank you for it!

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