Swanstone TI-5 Veritek Five Panel Tub Wall Kit Review

Kohler’s Choreograph range often draws direct comparisons with Swanstone’s Veritek shower walls. That’s what prompted us to dig up some information about this one.

Turns out that Swanstone lives up to a lot of the hype.

This is a good quality shower wall at a great price.

It has a five-panel design, unlike the three-panel Choreograph. There are one large back panel, two side panels and two apron strips that ship with color-coordinated caulk.

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Swanstone Shower Reviews 2019: Features

Molded-In shelves

swanstone shower walls reviewsBoth the side panels have molded-in shelves which avoid the need for separate accessories. Of course, if you wish to accessorize it with grab bars and the likes, there’s no dearth of choices from Swanstone.

The design of the shower wall is very eye-pleasing. It is white but looks more or less like textured tiles. However, it has a smooth, even finish. So, you won’t be plagued by grout problems, ever.

It is 1/4-inch-thick and made of Veritek, which is their proprietary compression molded surface that Swanstone claims does not chip or crack. It is non-porous, so no mold either.

However, there have been a few instances where the surface has cracked. And it’s not repairable like Kohler either. So, any modifications that you make to the surface will be cosmetic and there will be variations.

Swanstone offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Veritek range for household applications. The warranty is reduced to five years for commercial applications.

Easy installation

At just 90 lbs, you can easily install the Swanstone shower wall panels yourself. Swanstone provides detailed instructions in the manual. And there are ample tutorial videos on YouTube as well.

The only possible grumble that we have with this is that the package doesn’t ship with the adhesive needed to glue this to the wall or tiles.

You will have to buy those separately. And depending on the actual size of the shower wall (that you might customize), you will need at least 4 tubes of the adhesive. So, that’s an added cost.

Also, there’s just one tube of sealant or caulk included. If you feel that you might need extra, be prepared.

None of these are deal breakers though.


  • Cheap, easy replacement shower wall
  • Tile-like design
  • No grout or mold
  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to install
  • Five-panel design
  • Made of Veritek material
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A few cases of the surface material chipping. It is non-repairable and any attempts to repair might lead to surface variations.
  • Adhesive not included in the package


The Swanstone TI-5-010 Veritek tub wall is a budget-priced alternative to Kohler’s Choreograph shower walls. It looks amazing and is easy to install. But the quality is not as good as Kohler. That’s kind of expected at this price point though. So, if you are looking to remodel on a budget, you might want to consider the Swanstone T1-5-010.

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