Mustee 3232M Durabase Fiberglass Shower Base Review

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During our day to day lives, we don’t realize how the shower base makes a difference in improving the look and feel of your bathroom, where the main focus is usually the shower faucet.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the base is not a critical aspect of the shower.

After all, the features and quality of your shower base have a massive impact on your overall showering experience.

Why do we say the base is so important?

Well, the base is the foundation of your shower. Just like your home, if the foundation gets moldy or starts cracking, then it can be a massive loss of property.

And none of us wants to walk up to such a horror. So, it’s best to invest in a quality product that can withstand the onslaughts of regular ease.

Since the market is flooded with several options for the same product, it can get challenging to find the right unit. But this unbiased review on Mustee 3232M Durabase Fiberglass Shower Base will help you understand the benefits of this excellent product.

So, read on!

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Mustee Shower Base Reviews 2020: Why should you buy this product?

Superior quality material

mustee shower base reviewsThis fiberglass shower base has a brilliant composition with a slip-resistant Starburst surface that helps to avoid any hasty accident and ensures safety. The crisp white exteriors and the semi-gloss finish can enhance the overall aesthetics of your shower area.

And the best part of it? It is also resistant to mold or mildew. However, fiberglass is sensitive to extreme heat, so you should be careful enough to avoid placing such items to prevent any damage.


It’s a rare scenario in many of the households to invest time and effort in redecorating the entire shower area after every few years. Therefore, selecting the right unit is equally important to prevent frequent replacement.

This fiberglass shower base by Mustee is known for its durable construction that eliminates any fear of damaging the base with heavy usage.

With this shower base, you won’t have to face the challenges related to water leakage if you maintain it correctly. However, the way the product is used makes a vast difference in enhancing its durability.

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Installation and maintenance is relatively easy

Mustee shower base has been a popular option for its hassle-free installation, but you need to seek professional help to install the unit correctly. And the underbody of this shower base is ribbed that aims to provide added stability.

But you have to provide a proper under support for the base to level the unit. We advise you to lay down a bed of sand mix or mortar before placing the unit, as it lessens the chance of any water leakage.

You can easily fit this 32 inches x 32 inches shower base into inconvenient bathroom shapes and locations.

When it comes to the cleaning part, it’s best if you stick to natural cleaners because the abrasive ones can damage the quality of this shower base. Since fiberglass can corrode with frequent use of acidic cleaning products, you should be careful; otherwise, the daily maintenance is pretty simple.

Center drainage system

It features an integral molded drain that comes with a seal for a secure connection to a PVC, ABS, or an iron DWV iron sanitary drain pipe. Plus, the center drainage system removes the water evenly, which prevents the accumulation of any dirt deposits towards the edges.

The design offers both functionality and practicality for a comfortable bath without any interruption of having to draw out the excess water. You can rest assured that you’ll not have any issue with water blockage if you keep the mesh clean.

What could’ve been better?

After checking out the product specification in detail and its quality, we can say that the Mustee shower base gives its users a positive experience, but there is one downside that is worth mentioning; it’s related to the installation process.

We believe that it’s best to get the shower base professionally installed to avoid damaging the unit. Even though you need to extend your budget to include an additional service cost, it’s going to be worth the investment.



  • Fiberglass reinforcement provides stability and ultra-durability
  • Mold and mildew resistant body
  • Sturdy base with a slip-resistant Starburst surface
  • Features a slip-resistant textured floor that is easy to clean



  • You need to seek the services of a professional for installing this unit


If your main search criteria for a shower base is durability and top-notch quality, then the Mustee 3232M Durabase Fiberglass unit makes for an ideal choice. This unique shower base and its versatile design will complement any style of decor, conventional or modern. However, once the installation is taken care of, you’re going to enjoy using your new shower.

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