Ove Decors Breeze 31 Shower Kit Paris Glass with Walls and Base Review

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Shower doors are a unique accessory that has only recently gained popularity among homeowners recently.

They go perfectly with both modern and traditional restroom spaces, and bring with it an extra element of sophistication to add to your showering area.

But there are a lot of shower door models in the market, and picking the one that will go with your bathroom can be hard.

This is why I just love shower doors that have a versatile and minimalist design.

The Ove Decors Breeze 31 is one of the most versatile models that I have come across in recent times.

Its simple design is capable of fitting any bathroom layout, so I am pretty sure that it can be the perfect solution to your showering area as well.

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Balances utility and design

ove shower doors reviewsThe Ove Decors Breeze 31 is all about combining functionality and style. Its minimalist design and sliding door structure make it just perfect for small to mid-sized bathrooms.

It will hardly take up much space post-installation and not make your bathroom feel claustrophobic like most hinged door models.

The door is essentially a 3-piece kit that includes an acrylic base along with acrylic walls. The intimate sliding door is made easy to install and allows convenient access to the shower area.

The 6 mm frosted tempered glass provides a luxurious touch and gives the user some much-needed sense of privacy.

Versatile installation options and easy to use

Most sliding shower door models will offer a single door opening option, but Ove Decors keeps the installation of their model versatile by allowing you to set it up to open from either side.

It’s reversible for a right or left opening setup, which I found to be rather convenient.

Depending on how your bathroom is structured, the opening direction of the door will vary accordingly.

And this is precisely why the Breeze 31 is capable of fitting any form of bathroom structure and design.

The clear tempered glass is made thick so that it’s heavier and slides easily on the rolling mechanism. The tracks are also designed in such a way that the closing and opening of the doors are made as smooth as possible.

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Easy to maintain

The framed glass panel of the Breeze 31 comes with an anti-splash threshold, which significantly minimizes the risk of water spills.

It makes sure that the water doesn’t travel outside the showering area, nor does it leave ugly stains on the glass wall.

With my previous shower door, I had to frequently have a go at the walls with a dry cloth. Cleaning the stains and marks felt like a chore, which I did not feel like doing every alternate day of the week.

The Breeze 31 keeps things easy and convenient.

But I still have to clean the door at times, and doing that is relatively easy as well. The seals on the walls are easy to remove, and I can very conveniently get in between the glass.

This is not something that many shower door models allow, and it’s one feature that I absolutely love.

What Could Have Been Better?

What disappointed me about the Ove Decors Breeze 31 was the quality of the screws that came with the pack.

Sure, the entire door structure is very easy to install, and anyone can do it without much help, but the screws made it unnecessarily hard.

When placing them in, most of them stripped and eventually broke, and I had to get new and proper ones from the hardware store.

The experience was rather frustrating, and I almost ended up returning the whole thing. But I am glad I didn’t, because with the benefits it provides, the cons are in no way a deal-breaker.



  • A shower door 3-piece kit that is very easy to install
  • Frosted tempered glass gives the user a sense of privacy
  • Sophisticated and minimalist design; fits any bathroom space
  • Easy to maintain and use



  • The screws that come with the pack break easily and are flimsy by design

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a shower door kit for your bathroom renovation, then the Ove Decors Breeze 31 might be a perfect choice.

This easy-to-install door is quite sophisticated and comes with some of the best shower door features a homeowner can ask for.

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