Kohler Shower Door & Base Reviews

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When it comes to bathroom fittings, customers can really find themselves in a bind looking for both style and functionality.

And since you can only choose either one of the two usually, buyers may find themselves compromising on a good bit of the deal, settling for something half-heartedly in spite of investing a considerable amount in it.

However, if there’s one brand that has been owning the bathroom scene since it emerged in the market a few decades back, it is, undeniably, Kohler.

It is the one brand that brings you a combination of stunning beauty, quality, and functionality in every little bathroom fitting created by them.

And right now we’re gonna review some top-selling bathroom fittings from Kohler that not only add a brilliant touch to your bathroom decor, but also bring in a highly efficient performance, ensuring a satisfying bathing experience for you each time!

Kohler Levity Shower Door Review 2020

The Levity Bypass is a charmingly beautiful shower door by Kohler. Made with ¼ inch thick crystal clear tempered glass, the shower door performs as brilliantly as it looks. The innovative roller design, coupled with a cushioned center, ensures a smooth sliding and a noiseless overall function that ensures a wonderful bathroom experience.

Why buy this product?

kohler levity shower door reviewThe Levity Bypass is primarily known and loved for its brilliant appearance. It is everything that you need to bring in every inch of class to your bath-space. The frameless, sparkling design of this tempered glass door maintains a muted, yet dynamic and attractive appeal. Talk about leaving nothing to the imagination? Well, you’re looking at just the design!

The door comes with vertical blade handles on its singular tempered-glass structure. It gives off a beautiful, minimalist, and clean look. The odd point over here is that instead of screwed into the door, the handles are stuck on it.

The finishes have been done with care and precision, so there is nothing jutting out at odd angles or looking out of place on the door.

For the mechanism and the quality of the product, the product doesn’t leave much room for doubts. The cushioned center ensures a quiet sliding action. Also, the innovative roller design contributes significantly to the ease of installation. It also provides out-of-plumb adjustability after installation.

Quality-wise, the door is top-notch as well. Kohler gives you the high-grade tempered glass with crystal clear clarity and an enduring surface for all sudden impacts.

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What could’ve been better?

The glass body builds up dust and grime quickly, however. This requires you to clean the surface every other week. Also, as we have pointed out, the handle-design could have been better. The “stick-on” design of the handles poses a risk of falling off or easily pulled off under pressure, after a point of time.

The final thing that could be a concern is that the item is not scratch or stain-resistant and could scratch up substantially for that matter.



  • Looks absolutely stunning
  • Complements any sort of bathroom decor
  • Provides ease of installation and also out-of-plumb adjustability
  • CleanCoat glass treatment repels water
  • Easy to clean


  • Build-up dust fast
  • Not scratch-resistant

Kohler Revel Pivot Shower Door Reviews 2020

The Revel Pivot Shower Door from Kohler is one of the beautiful basic shower doors from the range. Spelling minimalism and style in a very straightforward design, this shower door combines the charm of functionality and quality to bring you a highly versatile layout for your bath-space.

Why buy this product?

kohler revel sliding shower door reviewsThis shower door from Kohler works beautifully for all kinds of spaces, be it large, medium, or small. The clear lines and ultra-low threshold of its frameless design create a very airy look, which is an advantage for limited spaces.

The Revel Pivot shower door actually gives you all the ease of customizability owing to its adjustable-width and wonderful finishes. The tempered glass on the door is ¼ inches thick and brings Kohler’s assurance of significant durability against sudden impacts.

The door is also easy to install. It requires little drilling and absolutely no heavy reshaping or remodeling of the overall space, which may otherwise damage your bathroom interior. The shower door can be installed to be opened to the left or right-hand side for added convenience for the users.

The ultra-low threshold ensures easy accessibility and entry and exit into the shower space without creating unnecessary hindrance for the users. The self-closing mechanism provides a classic feel along with ensuring complete protection against water-leakage from the base. This, coupled with Kohler’s CleanCoat glass treatment that repels water, keeps your bath-space clean and dry which further provides all the ease of cleaning.

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What could have better?

The user should handle the door with care while installing as a couple of edges and corners on it may be quite sharp and could hurt or cut you in the process. Also, you might have to use special drill bits to drill the panel through the ceramic tiles.



  • Brings straight-edged, clear designs
  • The versatile and adjustable layout ensures decent fits for all bathrooms
  • Significantly durable tempered glass holds up against sudden impacts
  • The self-closing mechanism prevents water-leakage
  • CleanCoat glass treatment repels water and keeps it from staining
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be a bit challenging to fix in the drills
  • Has sharp edges

Kohler Rely Shower Base Reviews 2020

kohler rely shower base reviewsThe Rely Single-Threshold Shower Base brings in a clean, minimalist appearance with an exceedingly functional design: a combination that stuns as well as provides all the comfort and satisfaction of using an item from a luxury brand like Kohler.

This low-threshold shower base with a molded-in texture is sure to up the glam quotient of your bathroom in no time at all!

Why buy this product?

The low-threshold design of this shower base is designed to ensure the ease of usability for the user. It provides easy access for entry and exit from the shower base without having to worry about slipping or sliding on the surface in any way.

The molded-in texture of the floor provides ample gripping and friction that minimizes the risk of accidents and looks beautiful against any kind of bathroom decor at the same time.

The shower base comes with a specially designed water-containment bead that is incorporated into the threshold. This provides maximum blockade to prevent the water from escaping the shower space.

This design also contributes to the anti-slippage layout of the design, which prevents water splashing out of the threshold, keeping the adjoining areas clean and dry.

The shower base comes with a right-hand drain that allows easy passage and drainage of water. It ensures ease of cleaning and keeps dirt from accumulating in the corners.

Quality-wise, the threshold offers high durability owing to its formidable acrylic construction. It prevents any flex while stepping in and out of the shower space.

Installing this shower base is not that of a challenging task, given the single-threshold design. It does facilitate alcove installation.

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What could have been better?

Of all the things that this shower base offers its users, it gets a bit inconsistent when it comes to versatility. The shower space works best in medium to bigger spaces but may not be as accommodating in limited dimensions.

The shower base also might not work as well as it does with the fixtures from other brands instead of its own.



  • Looks wonderful and complements all kinds of bathroom decor
  • Significantly functional design provides ease of use
  • Substantial water-containment bead prevents water from escaping the shower space and splashing
  • Right-hand drainage system makes the space easy to clean
  • Durable acrylic construction prevents any flex


  • Not very accommodating for limited spaces

Kohler Ballast Shower Base Review 2020

kohler ballast shower base reviewThe Ballast shower base from Kohler is a simply stunning addition to any bathroom space. Although it can work effortlessly for bigger bathrooms, it can fit in beautifully in baths that have limited spaces.

Along with providing a stunningly beautiful design, the shower base is functional enough to ensure complete safety while bathing as well as ease of cleaning.

Why buy this product?

The rectangular design is designed keeping the users’ comfort in mind. The low-threshold design of the shower base makes for a sleek and elegant appearance. The functional aspect of the design is that it allows for easy entry and exit into the shower. It provides sufficient friction even while wet to provide you significant grippage.

The Ballast shower base is pretty easy to install. Unlike most shower bases which usually require a lot of drilling and redesigning of the bath-space to be able to fit in and function well, this shower base comes with a single-threshold with an integral tile-in flange. This offers all the ease of installing a shower base.

The shower base is done in the classic white tone, which accentuates all kinds of bathroom decor. It also enables you to clean the base thoroughly without missing out on any spot.

The right-hand drainage makes sure that the water is drained out completely without losing any dirt-residues behind. And like the color of the base, the right-hand drainage system, too, helps you clean the entire base-surface properly.

The Kohler Ballast shower base is made of premium-grade acrylic. The construction of the core of this base is done with resin, and the combination of these two helps to make the overall construction incredibly durable to sharp impacts.

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What could have been better?

The only thing that could have been better with this shower base is the finish of the surface. Although it feels pretty clean and dries up quickly, the surface of the base can easily stain and scratch up. This can absolutely ruin the appearance of the base and also become unhygienic in the long run.



  • Looks spectacular against any bathroom decor
  • Provides ease of installation; doesn’t require any pre-installation drilling
  • Easy to clean owing to the highly functional design of the base
  • Offers anti-slippage surface, preventing the risk of accidents
  • High durability owing to the acrylic construction and resin core


  • Scratches and stains a lot


And that was it for our reviews of some of the specialties from the house of Kohler. We hope you liked what we brought for you in this review.

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