Transolid RBE6026-91 Solid Surface Tub/Shower Wall Kit Review

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We can’t possibly deny that showering is one of the most enjoyable luxuries that we get to experience every day because nothing calms down those nerves like a warm bath.

Plus, mornings that begin with a refreshing shower and a hot cup of coffee are the absolute best.

But when we’re installing a new showering area or revamping the older one, how often do we pay attention to the shower walls?

Most people are so engulfed in selecting products with the right functionality that they end up overlooking the aesthetic value. We don’t say that it’s entirely wrong since many of us don’t focus on the looks of the product.

In recent times, you can find shower walls that are a perfect combo of essential features and good looks. Sounds perfect, right?

Therefore, in the following section, we’ve put together an unbiased review on the solid surface shower wall kit by Transolid.

So, read on to get a clearer picture!

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Transolid Shower Reviews 2020: Why should you buy this product?

Speedy installation

transolid shower reviewsWe received four-piece wall surrounds in this kit, which includes two pieces for the back wall and the other two for the end wall. The installation didn’t take more than three hours in total as we got professionals to set it up for us. However, after checking out the installation process, we can say that DIY-enthusiasts will find this to be an exciting project.

The walls need to be glued over the old tile surface by using the supplied adhesive that works well with almost all construction types.

Easy maintenance

The fit of this shower wall kit was perfect, and it’s designed to prevent wall buckling due to the expansion of natural contraction. For the best part, the scratches and stains can be easily removed, and you need not worry about another remodeling task anytime soon.

After having used various other wall surface kits, we found this model to have the easiest maintenance. We didn’t have any issues with grout lines and even mold or mildew. That’s a relief for many house owners who don’t prefer having an additional task of cleaning grout lines. We usually wipe down the walls with a damp cloth and white vinegar to maintain the sleek finish.

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This Transolid non-porous wall kit is made of copolymer resins, which are considerably lightweight compared to the custom tile showers.

Plus, it was relatively easy to carry this kit after it had been delivered, so that gave us the idea that the installation wouldn’t be very challenging. The lightweight feature is a bonus, especially for homes that have structural issues.

High aesthetic value

We had seen a range of shower walls with different colors and designs, but we finalized on this unit because of its minimalist look.

The simple design and crisp white finish blend in perfectly with the overall bathroom decor. Moreover, this shower wall can effortlessly blend in with all bathroom styles, be it modern or conventional.

But if you’re using it as a bathtub surround, you should ensure that the colors are not an absolute mismatch.

What could’ve been better?

Even though we had a fairly positive experience with the Transolid RBE6026-91 shower wall kit, there is one downside that is worth mentioning – awkward size. We had to adjust the end wall panel to fit correctly with the tub size. Plus, we never had any other option than this 60-inch x 60-inch x 32-inch shower kit.

However, we believe that this model is pretty suitable for newly constructed bathrooms, where you can have it installed before the tub is fixed. But this downside is not a dealbreaker considering the functionality and overall aesthetics of this unit.



  • It has an easy installation and maintenance procedure
  • It comes with a reasonable price tag
  • It’s covered with a ten-year limited warranty
  • The sleek finish and minimalist style complements all types of bathroom decor



  • Awkward size
  • Lower real estate value compared to ceramic tiles


If you’re looking for a shower kit that is known for its incredible quality and minimalist design, then the Transolid RBE6026-91 makes for an ideal choice. With professional help, you’ll not have any issues related to installation.

You can rest assured that the durability of this product is on point, and it can withstand the onslaughts of regular usage. However, do weigh out the pros and cons carefully to ensure that this shower kit suits your needs.

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