Maax Shower Reviews 2022

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Selecting bathroom fixtures and fittings could get tedious and hopeless really soon. Why is that the case?

Because more often than not, it is a hard tussle between price and performance that seems to push away the chances of getting quality products even further.

It offers a range of efficient bathroom fittings and is said to bring decent quality at a reasonable price tag. The claims are also pretty big on the versatility of its designs.

And the competition seems to get even tighter when it comes to comparatively newer brands. However, one of the recent names that have been collecting widespread recognition is Maax.

And if you have been thinking of trying it for yourself, then read on our detailed reviews on three different products from Maax right now to find out if the Maax-hype is real!

Maax Shower Base Reviews 2022

The B3 Square Acrylic Shower Base from MAAX is undeniably one of the most beautiful ones from its collection. And apart from its classic looks, the shower base brings a highly functional layout that not only ensures a satisfying shower experience but also makes it easy for you to maintain it.

Why buy this product?

maax shower base reviewsOne of the most significant selling points of this shower base is the versatile layout design that makes it easy for you to install it in any bathroom or definite shower space. The 3-inch threshold base comes with an all-adjustable layout that dispenses the need to drill, cut, or design any existing space in your bathroom.

The shower base is cast in premium-grade acrylic, which makes it exceedingly durable against external shocks and impacts. Unlike other cheaper ones that may crack under pressure, Maax ensures a formidable acrylic structure that can sustain a substantial amount of weight and high-pressure, which doesn’t lose shape or form against sudden impacts.

A very functional and impressive feature on this shower base is the chrome grid drain. The grid design is wide enough to facilitate proper drainage of water and impurities. At the same time, it makes sure to catch anything that you don’t want to pass out of the drain, such as lost jewelry or misplaced smaller items.

The right-hand drain design, coupled with the classic white tone and smooth surface of the base, makes it easy for you to clean and ensures that no dirt is accumulated in the corners.

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What could have been better?

The only cons to the entire thing, in our opinion, could be the more than required smoothness of the base. It doesn’t provide enough friction for that matter, which could be a significant problem. It would have been a great thing if it had a bit of texture to itself to prevent slippage.

However, this could be solved if you choose to use a bath mat on it.



  • Superior design complements all kinds of bathrooms
  • The versatile layout fits all bath space, big or small
  • Unique chrome grid drain facilitates easy water drainage
  • Right-hand drain ensures easy cleaning
  • Highly durable acrylic structure



  • The smooth, non-texture surface could become slippery soon

Maax Shower Door Reviews 2022

The Intuition Corner Shower Door by Maxx is a highly raved-about bathroom fixture that has been launched not too long ago. It looks brilliant with its transparent glass facade and performs significantly well to get a special mention on this list.

Why buy this product?

maax shower door reviewsThe Intuition Corner Shower door performs surprisingly well for a new “budget” launch that comes at a considerably affordable price. The shower door looks absolutely brilliant in any bath-space, owing to its crystal clear designs that provide an airy look even in limited areas.

This is a look that you can opt for if you want to visually magnify the dimensions of the interiors of a smaller bathroom.

Impressively, apart from looking good, the glass of the door is safety-tempered, measuring about ¼ inches in thickness. This ensures superior protection against sudden blows, which can otherwise shatter a regular glass screen.

This is a 3-paneled framed sliding door that is designed to fit any alcove shower. It fits well for specially designed bathrooms and could be used in more extensive spaces as well, particularly to define a bathing area from a recreational or spa space.

One of the best things about this glass door is the clear seal at the bottom. It can efficiently keep the interiors watertight by preventing the water from splashing out and messing up the surrounding areas. This also ensures a clean and dry bathing space for you each time you use it.

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What could have been better?

One of the issues that one could have with this door is installing it. It does require professional help, and the rounded panels may require some drilling here and there to get a snug fit.

Also, the glass door can scratch significantly. The stylized aluminum towel bars could also lose their finish after a point of time and look dull.

We wish the glass surface, at least, was scratch-resistant.



  • Stunningly beautiful looks
  • Works well for smaller bath-spaces
  • Safety-tempered to withstand sudden impacts
  • Clear base-seal keeps water from splashing outside
  • Affordable



  • Installation can be challenging
  • Glass surface scratches up a lot

Maax Utile Reviews 2022

Along with opening up a range of beautiful and functional bathroom fixtures, Maax also brings a range of decorative back walls for your bathing space. The “Funky Vertigo” design is done in neutral tones that not only look stunning but also creates a calming ambiance in your bathroom.

Why buy this product?

utile reviewsMaax really steps up its game when it comes to product designs. The brilliant pattern of the back wall is definitely its selling point. The Utile shower panels look realistic with its well-defined tile patterns and grout lines.

It is done in a beautiful earthy tone which balances the ambiance in the bath space, bringing in a calming play of the elements that is of water against a neutral tone.

The back wall is a solid and singular wall that is made using quality materials. It is substantially durable against impacts and will not crack or chink under pressure. The designs and colors are all imprinted on it using sophisticated and superior technology that makes the wall significantly resistant against fading or discoloration.

The crack-proof quality of the back wall makes it a low-maintenance and enduring product. It can be cleaned easily using soap and water, as long as you do not use harsh detergents, bleach or acid on it.

The Utile Back Wall comes with the brand’s Ulok system which ensures quick assembly. It also ensures a quick and simple installation without any defects.

The versatile layout of the tile makes it easy to install it in a corner or alcove shower or a tub shower without requiring drilling or designing the wall.

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What could have been better?

The only issue with this back wall is that it may not complement every kind of shower-space. It is not customizable and creates a particular look, which may not suit all kinds of decor.

The lack of versatility of its definite color and pattern may not be a deal-breaker, but it could be challenging to mix and match with the rest of your bathroom interior.



  • Looks beautiful
  • Extremely durable and crack-proof built
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Easy to install and maintain



  • May not go with all kinds of shower decor


And this was our extensive review of what we consider to be some of the best bathroom fixtures from Maax. It is a pretty affordable brand that provides quality products for its customers.

We hope we were able to give you an idea of how the brand fares overall.

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