Oneida Pro Series 14-Piece Side Tang Knife Block Set Review

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When we’re talking about some of the best Asian brands of cutlery, it’s hard to miss out mentioning one that has represented the modern form with the essential spirit of Japanese craftsmanship: Oneida.

Not only has it brought a class of absolutely stunning culinary tools for the world to marvel at, but it has been a true pioneer in using modern technology to complement the traditional Asian techniques.

The Pro series brings you that very beautiful combination in the form of 14 elegant side tang knives contained beautifully in a block set.

However, to review them isn’t as simple as you might think. There is so much to decode about their performance that it might get challenging to come to a conclusion about their functionality.

And here’s my firsthand review of the Oneida Pro Series knives set!

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Oneida Knife Set Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

oneida knife set reviewsThe Oneida Pro series brings a range of beautiful polished stainless steel knives that comes in handy in the preparation of almost any dish. In my opinion, the very thing that sets these knives apart from the ones of other brands is their essential design. This is what contributes significantly to the quality and functionality of these knives.


These Oneida knives are forged of premium grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and rust. The blades of the knives are designed with a double-bevel cutting edge.

Not only does this contribute immensely to the performance of the knives, but also to the formidability of the structure.

One of the things that I noticed was that the design of the blade is what keeps it from losing its edge. This maintains the longevity and durability of the blades over a considerable period of time.


As I mentioned earlier, the winning feature of these knives is undeniably their overall design, and there’s all the reason why it is so.

The knives come with a full-length side tang blade and double-bevel cutting edge that makes them way more functional than most other contemporary cutting tools which you will easily find out there.

The side-tang blade provides the ideal balance that you need to be able to maneuver the knife in just the right way while cutting. It minimizes the pressure on the fingers while cutting, chopping, dicing or slicing anything, and especially harder substances, for that matter.

The double-bevel cutting edge makes it super-easy for you to cut through anything while applying the least bit of pressure.

The knives are overall designed for providing you perfect ease of use.


The knives, owing to their absolutely brilliant designs and heavy-duty materials, perform exceptionally well under every condition.

The set comes equipped with a Santoku knife and separate knives for slicing and filleting purposes.

I was absolutely impressed by the ultra-sharp edge of the blades that cut through meat, joints, fish, vegetables, and fruits effortlessly.

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The price of this knife set was the reason I had bought it in the first place.

The Oneida Pro comes at a surprisingly affordable cost, yet performs like one of the high-end brands of cutlery, making sure to offer you all the benefits of classic, cutting-edge performance.

The cost of this set of knives is comparatively much lesser than what you might expect, and they still impress in performance and quality.

Comes with its own knife-block

Don’t we all love it when our knife sets come with their own knife block? Well, this one does as well!

The Oneida Pro does come with its own hardwood block which neatly stores your knives and keeps them arranged. These protect your knives from external shocks and any accident that might make them lose their edge.

I also love how the block offers another tiny slot for storing smaller knives which may not fit into the other slots.

All in all, a great product!

What could have been better?

Although I don’t have many complaints about this set, I do think that the knives may be a tad bit heavier than most other knives. It may take some time to get comfortable using these for that very reason.

And even though the knives are pretty durable and sharp, they do scratch up quite a lot. This damages their beautiful finish and makes them look dull.



  • Super sharp double-bevel edge can cut through anything effortlessly
  • Full-length side tang provides comfort and balance while cutting
  • Incredibly durable construction resists rust and corrosion
  • Comes at a very affordable price tag



  • Scratches easily
  • Heavier than most other knives


So this was all about my experience using the Oneida Pro Series. I do hope I was able to provide you with valuable insight into its working.

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