Dalstrong Chef Knife Review 2019

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The Dalstrong knife sets are all about striking the perfect balance between performance and aesthetic beauty, and their Shogun series is especially aimed to enhance one’s culinary experience whether he/she is a professional or an amateur cook.

The Gyuto is just spectacular in my opinion, with style and beauty that can make it the talk of the house on any social occasion.

When I bought this set for myself, I just loved how its hand-finished design uplifted my kitchen decor spectacularly.

The knife was made in the Honbazuke 3-step method which helps to create a beautiful polished edge that can complement the modern kitchen perfectly.

The Tsuchime finish, on the other hand, helps to improve precision and doesn’t allow food to remain stuck to the blade, thereby improving utility.

Its handle is ergonomically designed, and the entire knife is perhaps one of the most long-lasting models that I have had the opportunity of using.

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Dalstrong Review 2019: Why go for this Chef’s Knife?

Superior Quality

dalstrong shogun review

Each of the knives in the Dalstrong Shogun series is made from a premium grade Japanese AUS-10 V steel.

Now, AUS-10V is quite similar in terms of quality and performance to VG-10 and the two are interchangeable when it comes to making the blades of knives.

Moreover, the Shogun blades are approximately 66-67 layer steel cladding and provide both strength and durability.

It keeps the knife resistant to rust and corrosion while keeping them sharp for a longer time than the average models that you find in the market today.

Superior Edge

A blade’s edge retention depends on how hard the steel is, which was used in its production.

The greater the scale of hardness of the steel, the better it will hold its edge when compared to the softer steel.

The scale of hard steel starts from a rating of 58 to 62; and as the Shogun Damascus bears the rating of 66 to 67, you know that it’ll not be losing its edge any time soon.

The hardness of the blade’s steel is only possible because a 3-step Honbazuke method is used to make the knife.

This allows the knife to support an incredible 8-12 degree angle edge which apart from hardening the steel, makes it ruthlessly sharp to allow it to go through the toughest of chopping jobs with ease.

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Better Comfort and Control

dalstrong chef knife reviewEach of the knives in the Dalstrong Shogun series is provided with a grade G-10 handle which is widely known for its durability and grip.

G-10 specifically signifies that the handle is made out of a glass-based epoxy resin laminate, which is primarily used in electronics and printed circuit boards as it’s a bad conductor of electricity.

This “glass of fiber” nature makes the G-10 incredibly tough and resistant to water damage and corrosion.

Additionally, G-10 hardly needs any maintenance to speak of. As it’s highly impervious to the elements around it like heat, cold and moisture, it never really gives way to oxidation, and you will not have to worry about it getting brittle over time.

Aesthetic Beauty

The very design of the Dalstrong Shogun Damascus makes the interior designer in me scream with joy because of its sheer beauty and aesthetic appeal.

The hammered Tsuchime finish on the surface of the blade not only prevents food from sticking to it but gives the blade a kind of gloss that perfectly shows off its brilliant craftsmanship.

Moreover, the smooth finish of the spine of the blade makes sure that you get a “pinch grip comfort” which I believe that not many other standard models on the market are able to provide.

What could have been better?

Though Damascus is an incredible knife model, to say the least, it fails to impress me when it comes to the area of rough use.

It’s true that the blade is long-lasting and resistant to all forms of corroding effects, but it’s not good against damage from physical impact.

Rockwell steel which has a rating of more than 62 can hold its edge incredibly well but is also quite brittle at the same time. So, when going for Damascus, make sure that you are careful when using it.



  • Possesses higher steel rating which allows it to hold it’s edge
  • Brilliant knife design which can complement any kitchen decor
  • Hammered Tsuchime finish allows you to work faster by not letting the food stick



  • The blade is not all that resistant to physical damage


If you’re in the market searching for a chef’s knife which can be both elegant and hold on to its edge, then Dalstrong Damascus might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

I still love this blade despite having some issues with durability.

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