Calphalon 15 Piece Knife Set Review 2020

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calphalon knife set reviewsThe house of Calphalon has established itself as one of the newest brands of luxury cookware.

And the sole reason that it has been able to do so is because of the brand’s successful attempts in bringing some of the most beautiful and functional features to its line of cookware.

Calphalon cookware could be justifiably said to be “classically beautiful,” just as the company’s slogan goes.

And apart from its looks, Calphalon has been acing the game of providing some of the most efficient attributes for its cookware that genuinely redefines easy-cooking for all of its users.

And if you’ve been wondering if the hype surrounding is as real and justified as the looks of Calphalon itself, then this review of the Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15-piece Cutlery Knife Block Set will be a beacon of light for you!

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Calphalon Knife Set Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

The set from this brand includes:

  • One 4 ½ inches paring knife
  • One 6 inches utility knife
  • One 6 inches serrated utility knife
  • One 7 inches Santoku knife
  • One 8 inches chef’s knife
  • Eight steak knives
  • A pair of kitchen shears
  • A knife-sharpening block

It looks like a pretty standard set of knives at a glance. However, it is only when you use it, that you get an idea about their overall quality and performance.

In the following section, I’ve listed all the things that I liked best about this range.


The Calphalon knives are forged with high-carbon stainless steel that makes all of the items incredibly durable as well as resistant to rust, stains, and corrosion. The formidability of the material contributes to the overall strength and sharpness of the knives.

The steak knives are crafted from stamped steel. It can absorb external shock without losing its form in any way and last for a substantially longer period of time.

Built-in Ceramic Knife Sharpener

calphalon 15 piece knife set reviewThis is hands down my favorite feature out of all that the set offers. The set comes with a sharpening block with ceramic slots to hold the knives. This automatically sharpens the edge of blades every time you take your knives out of it or place them back in.

This way, not only will you get to save a few pennies otherwise spent on getting the knives resharpened, but the slots make sure that the blades are sharpened every single time the knives are pulled to be used.

Blade Designs and Performance

All the knives in this set are of standard length and finished beautifully using the latest technology in the industry. The spectacular designs of the blades ensure optimal functions of the knives. Each of them performs to their fullest potential to deliver brilliant cuts of all sorts of edible substances.

These cut smoothly through some of the toughest meats such as deer, and even tougher tissues, ligaments, and tendons in the joints.

The knives can easily tackle leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, and can be used to make all sorts of cuts and fillets effortlessly.

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Handle Designs

The Calphalon blades come with a full tang design that’s extended suitably into the handles which offer complete balance and strength for the blades. The handles are further triple-riveted with a contoured grip.

All of this combined ensures total control for the user when it comes to maneuvering the knives while cutting. The contoured grip provides a safe and secure grip, especially while cutting up slippery stuff. This prevents any potential knife-accident in the kitchen.

Lifetime Warranty

Calphalon offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products and the knife set, too, isn’t an exception to this. This, in my opinion, is the greatest assurance a company could offer. Not only does it provide excellent value for the kind of investment that you make for the product, but it also establishes a relationship of trust and security between the company and its customers.

What could have been better?

The Calphalon knife set does offer a fantastic range of kitchen knives for all sorts of cutting, dicing and slicing work. However, amongst a few things that I think could have been better, falls the problem of the finish on the knives getting scratched up easily. This marrs their appearance and after a certain point, starts affecting the durability of the product.

Also, I wish the price would have been a bit on the affordable side so that a wider audience could buy it.



  • A substantially strong product designed to offer optimal functionality
  • Comes with an in-built sharpening ceramic slots in the holder that keep your knives sharpened all the time
  • Ergonomic handle design makes it easy and comfortable to use the knives and provides an anti-slip grip
  • Offers a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer



  • Could be an expensive buy for most
  • Can scratch easily


Overall, the Calphalon knife set offers a marvelous collection of all the essential knives that you’d require to prepare any delicious meal. These perform just as excellently as they look, and personally, using them gave me an extremely satisfying experience.

I hope my review was able to help you in all the ways you had expected it to.

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