Swanstone QZLS-3322.076 Drop-In Granite Kitchen Sink

Coffee stains, acid stains, scratches, the granite composite sink can resist to all sorts of exterior factors and substances. It has a natural look and it will bring a piece of nature and perfection into your kitchen. If you love the natural world around you and you want to bring this feeling to your home, this is the best choice for you. They are modern and stylish, but they go wonderfully in a classical and elegant kitchen as well. For a modern and beautiful kitchen, for an impressive sink that will make your kitchen different, the double asymmetrical Swanstone granite composite sink is for you.


They come in more colors for a more sophisticated look

The sink doesn’t come just in white and black, you can choose more sophisticated colors, like Nero, which is a black with a bit of depth. The color has small particles that add depth to the surface of the sink and makes it more interesting.

The sophisticated shape will convince you

It is a beautiful sink, it has natural curvy lines and this will give your kitchen a more sophisticated aspect. Also, the sink is divided into two bowls, one big enough for the large pots and smaller one for more delicate tasks.

You can drill up to 4 additional holes for the faucet 

The holes for the faucets have to be drilled by yourself, but this is a big advantage because you can adapt many types of faucets. You don’t have to buy the faucets especially for this sink and this is always a good aspect.

The pros of the Swanstone sink:

  • It can be installed both as an undermount or drop-in sink;
  • It has a modern look, it will make your kitchen one of a kind, sophisticated and very functional;
  • You can clean it at the blink of an eye with water and soap;
  • It is resistant and durable, you can use it year after year and it will look the same because it is 80% natural quartz stone;
  • It is heat-resistant and the colors don’t fade when exposed to heat.

The cons of the Swanstone sink:

  • It is 60 pounds, so you probably will need a second person to help you install it;
  • The sink is not shiny, it isn’t polished, it comes just in a matte finish;
  • It can collect water on the bottom of the sink, but if you have a water filter installed, there is no reason to worry about water built up.

To sum up, if you need a resistant sink, and you don’t want to worry about scratching, staining or chipping your sink with the bigger and heavier dishes, then the Swanstone QZLS-3322.076 sink is for you. This material is great for a kitchen where someone is always cooking something and using the sink, as well as for a busy family with many dishes and pots. Also, it is the perfect choice of a beautiful interior for a modern home, because sinks can be good looking too.

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