Swanstone QUAD-3322 Undermount Ascend Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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For an outstanding kitchen sink, the Swanstone QUAD is a great one to choose. It is an undermount sink that features a 10-inch deep single bowl. It has been chosen recently because of its high design appeal. This will make any kitchen look brand new and modern. It is made of 80% natural quartz, which helps to make it incredibly durable and functional. It is also considered to be very low maintenance; hence the reason homeowners choose it.

The design of this sink is what draws many people to it. Plumbers and homeowners alike love its unique design and like to install it in the kitchen, although it would work well in a home bar setting as well. The raised platform in this sink is perfect for food prepping and holding glassware or dishes that need to be washed. The right platform can also be used to help dry any dishes that have been washed.

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  • The way that this sink looks is very attractive. Many homeowners are choosing it because of the color and it will match practically any types of counters and backsplashes. There are quite a few colors to choose from which makes it much more attractive to buy this sink.
  • This sink works great for any of the larger pots and pans that need to be cleaned.
  • Because of the quartz that it is made out of, the sink is resistant to boiling hot water and it is very easy to keep it clean.
  • This sink is very functional because it is very easy to install a garbage disposal in it and it works very well with it.


  • Customers who have gotten the black sink mentioned that after using it for a few months, they started to notice a weird, black film that keeps forming even after it has been cleaned.

Swanstone QUAD-3322 may not be made for every kitchen, but for those that love it, they are really impressed with the overall quality of it. The side shelf seems to be one the best features of this sink and customers keep praising it. They have been using it for holiday dinner parties and find it much easier to clean up with some extra shelving help. This brand, Swanstone, has continued to impress homeowners, DIYers, and plumbers by producing some fine quality sinks. When this sink is installed in any home, it will be a great addition that will keep the compliments coming.

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