Swanstone CV2237 Contour Vanity Top Review

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Anyone with a budget of thousands of dollars would have tons of great vanity tops to choose from. However, for someone with a rather restricted budget, things may not be as straightforward.

But fret not, as if you’re reading this, you will be introduced to Swanstone CV2237, a vanity top that offers the best of both worlds: affordability and functionality (and pretty much everything else that matters).

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Swanstone Vanity Top Reviews 2020: Features

Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

swanstone vanity top reviewsThe Swanstone CV2237, with its elegant design and exquisite color palette, looks absolutely stunning. It will surely transform the look of any kitchen or room it’s installed in.

A really good thing about the beautiful look and design of the CV2237 is that there isn’t the trade-off of the sink part being on the smaller side, which is not something very uncommon with vanity tops.

While the bowl of this vanity top is fairly large, there’s still a lot of counter space on the sides. This not only adds to its beauty but also the overall functionality.

Superior Durability

The durability is something Swanstone doesn’t compromise on. As they mentioned in the product description of the CV2237, all their vanities and bowls are resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.

Being resistant to heat is certainly something that will lengthen its life, as pouring hot liquids into the sink is often one of the most common reasons they get damaged. Of course, being resistant to stains and scratches not only makes it more durable but also more functional, and would help it retain its great look for years to come.

A customer went as far as using soy sauce, toothpaste, olive oil, Sriracha, and Kool-aid on it to test its resistance to staining. They then left these things in the sink for about 15 minutes before cleaning them up. And to their surprise, the sink didn’t get any stains at all.

Perfectly Functional

Despite coming in a sleek and stylish design, being a very durable product as well as being priced modestly, there are absolutely no functionality issues with the Swanstone CV2237.

As we mentioned above, this vanity top is resistant to common damaging agents, and you wouldn’t have to keep fighting stains every now and then as it wouldn’t get stains easily. It’s also very easy to clean, and we think that certainly improves its overall functionality.

Similarly, the bowl being pretty large means that you would be able to wash even the large utensils very comfortably. A good amount of counter space around the bowl also makes your usual cleaning a lot less challenging.

This vanity top has the center hole predrilled, includes overflow, and also makes it easy for you if you want to drill more holes. The design also slants a bit towards the center hole, which makes the drainage a breeze.

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Glossy Finish

While the CV2237 looks great, the glossy finish makes sure it also “feels” great. If anyone touches the surface of the sink, they will really like the touch. You wouldn’t have to subject your hands to something rough every day as you have to when using sinks with a rough surface.

Further, the glossy finish makes the sink look more attractive and adds a kind of protective layer to it, making it easy to get rid of the stains when they do show up.

A Word on the Manufacturing Defects

There have been a couple of customers that said that they received the CV2237 in a slightly damaged form or with a manufacturing defect. Not that it’s very common, but it does happen.

That said, however, Swanstone has an excellent customer service system in place, and coupled with Amazon’s swift customer service, you would have no problem getting the product quickly replaced in case that does happen to you.

  • The Swanstone CV2237 boasts an elegant design and looks stunning
  • It’s one of the more durable vanity tops in this price range
  • It’s resistant to heat, scratches, and stains
  • It’s easy to clean and very functional, with a large bowl and a lot of counter space around the bowl
  • It sports a glossy finish that makes it look more appealing as well as more functional
  • Some customers may end up receiving the CV2237 with a manufacturing defect, but the replacement process should be smooth enough to be not much of a trouble

Summing It Up

The Swanstone CV2237 is more like a premium vanity top without a premium price tag. Getting a vanity top at this price point that offers pretty much the best of everything while also being resistant to staining is definitely as good as it can probably get (unless you’re willing to spend a huge sum of money on your vanity top).

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