Zuhne Turin 60/40 Deep Double Bowl Luxury Kitchen Sink Review

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It’s hard to find a stainless steel sink that’s resistant to scratches unless you don’t mind spending a bomb on a premium stainless steel sink. However, there are exceptions, and the Zuhne Turin is one of them.

It manages to be scratch-resistant while also offering the best of other features, which is something we will be discussing in detail in this review.

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Surgical Stainless Steel

If you don’t already know, surgical stainless steel is one of the best types of stainless steel out there, and it’s known for its superior quality. It’s much more durable than the usual stainless steel and doesn’t get dents as easily as a lower quality stainless steel would.

Furthermore, the Zuhne Turin is made using 25% more steel than many other steel sinks in this price range. This makes the Zuhne Turin impressively durable and long-lasting, something many stainless steel sinks aren’t, especially when you’re looking for something on a budget.

The fact that Zuhne offers a lifetime warranty reflects the company’s confidence in their products’ quality.

Meets Stringent Quality Standards

Apart from being made using high-quality surgical stainless steel, the Zuhne kitchen sinks meet stringent quality and other standards. This not only speaks volumes about their quality, but also that they are nontoxic and much more functional than many of the other steel sinks on the market.

The Zuhne Turin complies with the Code (to ensure a high level of quality) across the US and Canada, its components are nontoxic, the sink would easily work with a waste disposer, the parts of Zuhne sinks are patented, and finally, there’s the Zuhne’s excellent 24×7 customer service.

Functional Design with a Great Focus on Durability

First things first, the Zuhne Turin comes in a 16G body that’s resistant to scratches and other issues that are often common with stainless steel sinks. The corners, too, boast an innovative design that make them easy to clean and prevent the food stuff from getting stubbornly stuck in them.

The larger bowl of the Zuhne Turin is very deep, which allows it to hold a lot of dishes as well as large utensils that many double sinks have a hard time accommodating. The smaller bowl, on the other hand, works great when it comes to soaking the utensils and meeting other additional requirements.

Zuhne has also tried to ensure that the cabinets aren’t subjected to condensate damage, besides helping you get the most out of your countertop area.

The Zuhne Turin also includes a rear set drain, so you can expect the drainage to be pretty smooth. It also blends really well with most kitchen themes, so it can be a great choice even when you are remodeling your kitchen.

Noise Defending Soundproofing Technology

While there are more than a few stainless steel sinks that now come with sound-deadening padding even in this price range, the actual sound reduction isn’t always very impressive. However, the Zuhne Turin’s soundproofing technology works great at canceling out almost all the noise, which is a pretty rare thing when it comes to stainless steel sinks, let alone one with a budget price tag.

Amazing Value for Money

Apart from what we mentioned above, you also get a 3pc basket strainer, a mat for protection against scratches, a towel that works great at absorbing liquid, and mounting hardware. Needless to say, you’re getting a great deal.

If you were to buy all these things separately, you would probably be looking at paying almost half the price of the sink itself. But you get all these accessories for free with the Zuhne Turin, while it still manages to be a great all-round sink.


  • Made using high-quality surgical stainless steel, as well as being made with 25% more steel than most other similar steel sinks
  • Meets demanding standards with respect to the quality and other factors like toxicity, making it not only a quality product, but also a perfectly safe sink to use
  • Comes in a very functional design while being surprisingly durable
  • Zuhne’s soundproofing technology works great at canceling out almost all noise when using the sink
  • Includes many free accessories


  • If you’re replacing an old sink, the Zuhne Turin can be a bit tricky to install

Should You Go for It?

Unless you have a much bigger budget or wouldn’t mind compromising on the functionality or other important factors, the Zuhne Turin would likely turn out to be an amazing buy, as you could tell by the almost universally positive reviews it has gotten.

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