Zuhne Modena Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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We have reviewed many kitchen sinks on our site, a large number of them being stainless steel ones. However, few of them have been priced economically.

This is simply because more often than not, sinks priced that low are just not quality and durable enough. They may not hold up well to long-term, regular and a little rough use.

But we certainly had to make an exception when we stumbled upon the Zuhne Modena. It’s an exceptional product in all aspects, and certainly worth a lot more than what it’s being offered for.

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It’s so good that we can’t wait to tell you about everything that it has to offer, so here we go…


Amazing Value for Money

We really can’t figure out how the manufacturer managed to offer such an all-around high-quality sink at an astonishingly low price. There seem to be NO other products in this price range that even come close to offering everything that the Zuhne Modena does.

It’s made using an extremely high-quality, surgical grade steel. In addition to that, Zuhne also makes sure that they are following the highest safety standards and using nontoxic components for all their products.

This means that you can be sure of getting the best in terms of quality and durability despite the incredibly low price.

Similarly, the Modena also offers the best in terms of insulation and noise reduction. You hardly get any insulation in this price range, let alone something that gives a run to even some of the high-end products on the market.

Another thing about the Modena that arguably makes it the most value-for-money stainless steel on the market is the fact that it also comes with a long list of useful, expensive accessories. They include:

  • Basket strainer
  • Bottom grid
  • Absorbent towel
  • Mounting clips (for installation of the sink)

Again, it’s beyond us how Zuhne manages to operate while offering so much for so less.

Tank-Like Durability

When Zuhne claims on the product’s page that its Modena comes with tank-like durability, it’s no promotional hype. The product indeed boasts an extremely high level of durability, thanks to being made of 16 gauge, surgical grade steel.

Also, unlike most other stainless steel manufacturers out there, Zuhne says that it doesn’t import its steel from China, but rather from South Korea’s Posco, one of the most reputed producers of steel in the world.

You would find the Modena to be on the heavier side due to the high-quality of steel used to make it, as well as that it’s thick enough to withstand a lot of rough use.

Zuhne also goes above and beyond the industry standards to make sure their products contain no toxic components and conduct rigorous safety tests on them before letting them hit the market.

After all, there’s a reason Zuhne feels confident in offering a lifetime warranty and no-questions-asked free returns policy with a product so affordably priced.

Superior Insulation

The Modena leaves no stones unturned in hitting it out of the park when it comes to offering the best bang for your buck. While its quality and durability is something easily comparable to all those premium quality stainless steel sinks out there, it also manages to be one of the quietest sinks you can buy.

With 5mm pads to insulate the Modena in every way possible, there are not many sinks that would turn out to be better than it on this front, the overpriced ones included. You would be surprised at the kind of quietness it would offer even when you’re doing some really heavy-duty washing.

In fact, Tanya, the owner, and co-founder of Zuhne goes on to say that they could do the dishes as well as use the waste disposer without disturbing the sleep of their toddler who was sleeping at just a few feet’s distance.

Furthermore, the 5mm pads also cover as much as 90% of the exterior of the Modena, while some of the much more expensive sinks only cover about 40% of their exterior. This means that the Modena would also be significantly more resistant to heat damage, which may turn out to be an important factor if you tend to use hot water often when doing the usual washing. It would also help prevent any damage to the sink cabinets due to condensation.

Now, these features are something really impressive at this price point, and you certainly don’t get anything like it in this price range. If you don’t want to deal with the annoying noise ever again when doing dishes WITHOUT spending a bomb, the Modena is likely your best bet, if not the only option.

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Functional Design

For a product priced this low and offering so much, you would expect at least something to be wrong with it. To your utter surprise, it’s an excellent product all-round.

The design is very functional, besides being aesthetically appealing. You can use the drain strainer with it that is included as an extra accessory or choose to go for a garbage disposal.

It comes in just the right size, and at 10” it’s deep enough to handle all your washing needs no matter all those oversized pans and pots that you would want the sink to accommodate. The corners are a little curved to make the cleaning easier and not lead to typical sink issues such as food particles getting stuck in the corners.

Addressing an Important Concern

While the vast majority of people that bought the Modena gave it a 5-star rating, there have been some that are complaining about the sink being prone to scratching. Well, it seems that most or all of them have bought a stainless steel sink for the first time.

When you’re using a stainless steel sink without a bottom grid protector (the Modena does come with one for no additional cost), it’s going to end up having scratches. This is not just with the Modena, but pretty much all the stainless steel sinks out there, including even the overpriced ones.

So simply use the bottom grid protector and don’t let the complaints worry you; the Zuhne Modena is a top-notch product and offers a lot more than any other product in this price range.

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