Mustee 27F Double Bowl Laundry Tub Review

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The Mustee 27F is one of the more affordable laundry tubs on the market, especially for the kind of features it comes with. However, you still get a great quality and a really high level of durability with it, despite the cheap price tag.

Except for just one (fairly minor) downside, there’s nothing you wouldn’t like about the 27F, especially if you wouldn’t like to spend considerably more money on a much more premium quality laundry tub or utility sink.

So with that said, let’s find out what exactly does it bring to the table in this detailed review.

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Great Bang for Your Buck

The price of this product might make you think that you would have to compromise on the quality and the durability to some extent. It might seem like a trade-off for its modest price tag.

However, to your surprise, that’s far from the case. First things first, the 27F is manufactured in the United States, and that alone should give you quite an idea of the kind of quality you can expect.

It’s actually a very durable product, thanks to its molded, structural thermoplastic construction. The thermoplastic used is also very high quality.

So don’t mistake its affordable price for a lower durability; it’s a value for money product and would certainly last you for a long time to come.

Bowl Capacity is 19 Gallon (Per Bowl)

If you have never used a laundry tub before, you will likely be overwhelmed by the size of the 27F. Both the bowls come with a capacity of 19 gallons each, which means the spaciousness would be huge. This also makes the 27F an ideal utility sink.

One of the customers mentioned in their reviews that they grow 2 acres of sweetcorn, which is then processed in this sink. This speaks volumes about the kind of spaciousness it offers.

Impressively Functional

While utility sinks don’t often disappoint as far as the functionality is concerned, things aren’t very pretty when you’re looking for budget options.

But the Mustee 27F manages to stand out on this front as well. Besides its huge capacity and being suitable to be used for many different types of things, it also comes with twin drain waste coupling, complete drain assembly, and floor hardware.

This, coupled with some of its other main features, make it one of the most functional and complete laundry tubs or utility sinks in this price range.

No Compromise on the Looks Either

Utility sinks are usually not very attractive, especially the ones priced in this price range. However, the 27F comes with a white finish that makes it look just as attractive as it is functional.

Now, this isn’t something you should take for granted at all, as the looks are definitely hard to come by when going for a laundry tub or a utility sink, let alone one that’s priced on the lower end of the overall price range for these products.

Wobbly Legs

While there is only one downside with the 27F, it’s actually a pretty real one. Although the basin of this laundry tub is super strong and will hold up well even after years of regular use, the legs are thin sheet metal that just wouldn’t be able to handle any kind of real weight.

They are wobbly and you would always run the risk of the legs getting damaged when the bowls are fully filled, especially if you put a lot of weight in them.

However, a great way of getting around this issue is to simply reinforce the legs with lumber or stainless steel frames. This would make the legs hold up well and be able to easily sustain themselves even when you fill the bowls to their full capacity.


  • Great quality and a very durable basin at a surprisingly affordable price
  • A lot of space, which makes it very versatile, allowing you to use it for many different things
  • Very functional, thanks to the useful accessories included with the tub
  • Unlike most laundry tubs in this price range, the 27F looks fairly appealing with its white finish


  • The legs are cheap, flimsy and wobbly, and would need to be welded if you want to use it for any real purposes

Our Final Verdict

If you don’t mind reinforcing the cheap quality legs of the Mustee 27F, it’s probably as good of a utility sink as it can get for the price.

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