Mustee 28CF Big Tub Utilatub Combo Utility Tub Review

Mustee is one of the most reputed manufacturers out there when it comes to utility tubs. And the Mustee 28CF is one of the better offerings from it.

If you have a budget and aren’t looking for a double bowl tub, the Mustee 28CF may hit the spot perfectly for you. Read through to find out what exactly makes us say that.

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Super Large

Probably the first thing you would notice about the Mustee 28CF is how large it is. The huge amount of space it offers would allow you to use it for washing pretty much everything that you need to wash – regardless of its size – which would otherwise be something very challenging.

One of the customers that bought this tub said in their review that it’s a must for any dog owner. They use it to wash their 3 dogs, which was previously setting them back over $150 a month.

There were also other customers that talked about how they love this utility tub working as a grooming tub. In other words, this utility tub is something that could work great as a grooming system for your dog(s).

Some of the other customers also mentioned how they can use this tub to wash pretty much everything they want, be it large equipment stored in their garage or any other thing that a usual kitchen sink just wouldn’t be able to handle.

Solid Build Quality

The Mustee 28CF is made using high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene. It’s one of the best materials that can be used to make a heavy-duty tub that will be used for tasks that are extraordinarily demanding such as bathing dogs or using as a garage sink.

It will hold up well to the everyday highly demanding use, but without hitting anything even when you move large objects in and out of the tub. It can support up to as much as 350 lbs of weight, which is very impressive even for a utility tub.

Now, although some customers seem to not like the legs much, they are actually much better quality than what many other utility tubs come with as legs. They are made using painted or powder coated steel, and would definitely not bend or flex as the legs of many of the cheaper utility tubs do when being made to handle a lot of weight.

Impressively Functional

Unlike with some other utility tubs, the superior build quality of the Mustee 28CF doesn’t come with a compromise on the functionality front. There are the adjustable levelers that allow you to set the tub at a specific height depending on your needs and preferences.

It also includes a swivel faucet and a pull-out spout that’s 24 inches long, and also lever handles. Needless to say, we think these additional accessories make the tub much more functional while helping you save quite a bit of money if you were to buy them separately.

Then there’s also the fact that this tub doesn’t come with pre-drilled faucet holes, allowing the customers to drill them according to their needs. We only found one customer mentioned that they didn’t like this, but most other customers were pleased that Mustee allows them to drill their own holes, as it offers so much flexibility to them and they can make the holes wherever they want.

Finally, the top lip of the tub offers the kind of width you would need to drill your holes easily, while also making it mount just as easy too.


  • A great quality tub that’s very sturdy and well-built
  • The tub is very large and there would be pretty much nothing that you may not be able to wash in this tub
  • Unlike many other utility tubs, the legs of the Mustee 28CF are fairly strong and would hold up well even when you put a lot of weight in the tub
  • The tub comes with some useful additional accessories, adding to the overall functionality and helping you save quite a bit of money
  • The adjustable levelers, no pre-drilled holes, and the generous width of the top lip makes the tub very functional


  • Although the Mustee 28CF does come with a swivel faucet, it’s all plastic and very flimsy; many customers chose not to use it and buy a new one instead

Are You Getting a Good Deal?

Absolutely! Although there are many cheaper options on the market, they don’t come anywhere near to what the Mustee 28CF offers in terms of the quality, durability and the functionality.

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