Sinkology SK202-30AC Transitional Orwell Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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There are few copper sinks that manage to be an all-around great product WITHOUT costing a fortune. While copper sinks generally turn out to be a much better option than their stainless steel counterparts, their price is usually the deal-breaker for most people.

But you would be glad to know that we have found the Sinkology SK202-30AC for you, which offers the features and functionality of a copper sink but comes at the price of a stainless steel sink.

Let’s review some of its main features in detail below.

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Amazing Value for Money

While copper sinks can be a great option for most people, the good ones are usually very expensive and don’t often fit people’s budget. This is where the Sinkology SK202-30AC absolutely stands out.

It’s priced surprisingly low without compromising on any of the important factors like the durability or the functionality. The SK202-30AC has also gotten almost universally positive reviews, which is a clear sign that it offers a lot more than what customers would expect at this modest price point.

Commercial-Grade Build Quality

A commercial grade 16-gauge pure copper is used to build the SK202-30AC. The copper used boasts a thickness of .063-.068 thickness, which is quite a rarity in this price range.

This translates to a superior build quality and a high level of durability. In fact, one customer mentioned in their review that they have been using it for two years, and it has held up extremely well with a lot of abuse and rough use.

They add that it stills looks beautiful, which is something not very common except with premium copper sinks with a way higher price tag.

Luxurious Feel

It’s not that there are no copper sinks that you can buy in this price range. However, they usually have some functionality issue or look boring and dull.

The SK202-30AC is very functional without any issues, but it also comes in a luxurious feel that helps it make a statement in your kitchen. The hammered finish adds both to the looks and functionality.

Easy Installation

Unlike some of the other copper sinks that can give you or your contractor a hard time when it comes to the installation, the SK202-30AC is surprisingly easy to install for a copper sink. You would likely have to make no adjustments to your countertops, drain pipe or anything else that is being kept or used in the surrounding area.

Requires a Bit More Care

While the SK202-30AC offers pretty much everything a premium copper sink would without costing a bomb, the trade-off is that it demands a bit more in terms of care and maintenance. If you go without cleaning it for weeks, it may develop a greenish layer that would make it look less appealing.

It would be temporary, however, and you would always be able to get rid of it by giving the sink some thorough cleaning. But the point is that if you want to always keep it looking great, the only way to do it is through regular cleaning and maintenance.

Can be a Bit Difficult to Wash Large Utensils

While the SK202-30AC actually comes in a great size, it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of its depth. This means that if you have an oversized pan or pot, you may find it a bit difficult to wash it.

Of course, this only applies to very large utensils, and it’s not going to be very challenging either. You would likely get used to it, it would just be a matter of some time.


  • The quality is as good as it can get for a copper sink at this price point
  • Made using commercial grade copper that makes the sink extremely durable
  • The sink looks great and boasts a luxurious feel
  • It’s easy to install and wouldn’t involve any challenges


  • Would demand a bit more care and maintenance
  • It’s not very deep so large utensils can be a bit difficult to wash

It’s a No-Brainer!

If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to settle for anything less than a true copper sink, the Sinkology SK202-30AC is your best bet.

It looks and feels premium, made using commercial grade copper, and would definitely stand the test of time even with rough use as we observed above. If you can live with a bit more demanding maintenance or don’t need to wash lots of oversized utensils, the SK202-30AC is an absolute no-brainer for you.

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