Sinkology Rockwell Handmade Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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The Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink is a solid option for anyone that’s looking for an extremely durable copper kitchen sink but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. It’s one of the few copper sinks on the market that offer an incredible value for money for the right buyers, so it’s certainly worth considering if you’re low on budget but still want to get a copper sink that’s impressive all-around.

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Made with Pure Solid Copper

This alone justifies the slightly higher price of the Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink compared to some of the cheaper options. The manufacturer of this product proudly claims that it’s made with 99.98% pure solid copper, and you probably know what kind of durability that translates to.

You would want to note that the copper used to make it is actually commercial grade 16 gauge pure copper. Needless to say, worrying about banging those heavy utensils too hard and ending up with dents in your kitchen sink would become a thing of the past with this beast.

Oh, and if you’re about to think that a copper sink comes with its own set of problems, such as turning green when it reacts with some of the kitchen stuff, then let us tell you that it’s absolutely not going to be the case with the Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink. It has been made with the finest quality of raw materials and handcrafted by skilled artisans.

It won’t turn green no matter what kind of kitchen stuff it’s subjected to, thanks to the high-quality, commercial-grade copper it’s been made of.

Transforms the Kitchen

You don’t have to spend thousands on fancy appliances or expensive kitchen remodeling to enhance the look of your kitchen. The Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink comes in a seamless copper bowl construction that’s sure to be a center of attention in your kitchen.

It’s going to give a new, fresh look to your kitchen, thanks to the antique hammered copper and the superior hand finish that it sports. Customers that bought this sink cannot stop talking about how unique and attractive it looks, and how pleased they are with the kind of value it brings to their kitchen.

Of course, this isn’t the most important factor you may want to consider when buying a sink, but given the fact that it seems to fare well on all the other fronts too makes it an all-around great option.

Functional, Flexible Design

While copper sinks are usually a very safe bet as far as the durability is concerned, their overall design tends to be a bit of a weak spot. They are not very practical and sometimes hard to work with. Similarly, it’s a bit of a hassle to take care of their maintenance needs.

The Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink manages to get around all these issues to a certain extent. While you still have to spend some time on its maintenance from time to time, it’s fairly easy to care for when compared to its counterparts.

The design, too, is fairly flexible and functional, and it being a double bowl sink only adds to the functionality. You can have each of the bowls for different types of utensils so that you can work on them in a more efficient manner.

Finally, it’s probably also worth a mention that copper being a naturally anti-microbial metal, it can contribute towards a healthier kitchen environment.

A Few Downsides

We don’t tend to get into the downsides unless they are something major, as we usually only review some of the best products out there that have little to nothing that’s not worth liking about them. While the Rockwell Copper Kitchen Sink is certainly a great option, there can be a few issues depending on your preferences and the amount of time (and money) you’re willing to put into caring for your sink.

  • If you want to make it look attractive in the long term, you may have to buy “care” kits
  • If you’re too rough with the way you use this sink, it may end up having discoloration issues
  • While it’s fairly quiet compared to other copper sinks, it can be a little noisy sometimes

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