Sinkology Adams Handmade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

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If you’re after a commercial-grade sink, you would probably expect to have to drop at least a grand or more in order to get yourself a good product that’s both durable and functional. However, wouldn’t you be surprised if you stumble upon one that’s pretty much everything you would expect a commercial-grade sink to be, and perhaps even a bit more than that, but costs far lower than most other options out there?

Well, congratulations, you have found exactly the kind of product we described above! The Adams Farmhouse kitchen sink impresses on pretty much every front even by the commercial-grade standard but is still priced just as low as many of the other, non-copper residential-grade kitchen sinks.

You may want to know what exactly it has to offer, though, so stick around as we tell you everything you need to know.

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Commercial Grade Quality, Residential Grade Price

We couldn’t put it any better. For a sink that’s made using commercial grade 16 gauge pure solid copper with a thickness of .063 to .068, the price is certainly on the lower side. Sure, there are still a plethora of sinks you can find way cheaper than the Adams Farmhouse copper sink, but do they come close to being a commercial-grade product? No way!

The Adams Farmhouse copper sink is one of the few kitchen sinks (with most of the others being offered by Sinkology as well – the same manufacturer offering this sink) that are priced in the same range as many consumer-grade products but is truly a commercial-grade sink built to handle large-volume work.

The Adams Farmhouse Apron Front sink is handcrafted by skilled artisans, as well as comes hammered on both the sides. This not only adds to its looks but also makes it more durable and functional.

Also, despite being made of copper, it will not turn green with time. The discoloring seems to be a rather common issue with other copper sinks, so this is certainly something worth taking into consideration.

Would Easily Make a Statement in Your Kitchen

Pure copper comes with a unique appeal of its own, and there aren’t many kitchen sinks that can match what the Adams Farmhouse Apron Front sink offers in terms of looks. It would certainly become a focal point in your kitchen as soon as you’re done installing it.

Needless to add, your kitchen’s visual appeal would improve significantly, and pretty much everyone walking into your kitchen would compliment you on what a great purchase the sink is. This isn’t something we are pulling out of a hat but rather what a surprisingly large number of customers mentioned in their reviews.

Finally, we really think the pictures do a terrible job of showcasing the kind of gorgeous looks the Adams Farmhouse kitchen sink boasts. You would probably be left amazed as soon as you unpack this gem of a sink, as it looks so much more gorgeous in real than in the pictures.


Pure copper. Commercial grade. Great size. Affordable price. You usually only get to choose two – or three at the most in case you couldn’t care less about the price – out of these four. Expecting a sink to be all these 4 things would probably be a little unrealistic.

However, the Adams Farmhouse Apron Front sink actually manages to deliver the “unrealistic,” somehow managing to be surprisingly large as well. It being a single bowl sink further adds to the size, though it would fit just as well in pretty much every type of kitchen.

From large pans to just about every type of kitchen utensils, the Adams Farmhouse Apron Front sink would easily be able to welcome them all while also leaving a fair bit of extra room for you to work comfortably.

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Surprisingly Functional

For a sink that comes with such a modest price tag for a commercial-grade sink, you would certainly expect much less on the functionality front than the Adams Farmhouse Apron Front sink actually offers. However, it doesn’t fail to be a great all-round sink that impresses in pretty much every aspect there is to kitchen sinks.

While the clear-cut edges pave the way for a quick and easy installation, the overall design itself is very well-thought-out and makes your usual work a breeze to a great extent. It also demands surprisingly less on the maintenance front for a large, commercial-grade copper sink.

If you want to take the functionality to a whole new level, though, you can consider getting the Sinkology SG001-33 custom-made bottom grids. This would go a long way in getting rid of the debris incredibly effectively, as you could keep the food and dishes off the sink and just focus on the cleaning.

A Couple Downsides

Well, you seem to be getting a great deal with the Adams Farmhouse kitchen sink. It’s priced surprisingly low for all that it offers, including being a commercial-grade sink. However, the trade-off to this is that there are a couple of downsides.

They are nothing major as far as our opinion is concerned, but we will simply walk you through them and let you make the final call.

It does turn green: The product page says it doesn’t turn green at all and we mentioned the same as a unique feature of this copper sink. However, for some customers that bought it, the sink does seem to be turning a little greenish. We suspect it might have something to do with them letting the food stay in the sink for a bit too long.

That said, it’s still NOT permanent at all, and the said customers are able to clean off the greenish marks easily with a cheap cleaning agent. So perhaps the manufacturer was hinting at those permanent greenish marks that some of the other, cheaper copper sinks tend to develop over time. And hence it would probably not be fair to blame them for inaccurate description of the features of the product.

Shipping issues: Some customers seem to encounter some shipping issues and receive a sink that has a minor dent or two. However, you can easily get around this one as well by simply fixing the dents yourself (very easy and efficient) or just getting in touch with the customer support team at Sinkology and getting it replaced.

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