Dekor Sinks 31000UM Richfield Cast Acrylic Single Bowl Undermount Sink Review

Acrylic is not a new raw material on the market. It has been here for eons and is best known for its longevity. This high-impact thermoplastic composite is used on surfaces that will need to withstand high pressure and what better than a multi-purpose sink?

Cast, which is combined with acrylic to make this sink, is a mold that has the same ability to stand pressure. When you put these two sturdy components together, you come up with an artful yet durable product – the Dekor Sinks 31000UM sink.


Features Of Dekor Sinks 31000UM Sink

This sink measures 22 x 25 x 12 inches and weighs 21 lbs, which is quite light. The sink has pre-drilled faucet holes, and it is installed under-counter. It comes in several colors, from the traditional silver to more interesting palettes such as pitch black and white. Dekor says that the colors last a lifetime, and the only thing that may dim a little after years of use is the shiny top surface.

Light Weight And Colorful

If you haven’t encountered cast and acrylic before, you could think that the material is quite heavy, but it is not. These sinks are light, and so they will not ruin the surfaces that hold them. As for color, they come in a wide array. The palette is made up of 30 different colors. A non-porous finish is applied the top surface to ensure that regular water usage does not interfere with the material’s composition. The colors do not fade from exposure to the sun or come off in constant contact with water.

Easy Care

The material that makes up this sink is not corrosive, and so it will not rust. The surface is easy to clean even when laden with oil and grease. A little soapy water will extract the stuck oil and return the sink to its shiny status. The manufacturer recommends using non-abrasive tools when cleaning it to avoid any unnecessary scratches.

Acrylic is not only rust resistant but also stain resistant, and it will not go through oxidation. Seeing as a sink is meant to be exposed to water every day, Dekor Sinks 31000UM is made to withstand the exposure.

Easy Installation

The sinks are already pre-cut and pre-drilled before they leave the manufacturer’s factory. Installation will not take too much effort as everything has already been done. This particular cut is for under-counter installation, where you mount it directly to the underside of the countertop material. This installation makes cleaning even easier.


  • It comes in assorted colors
  • The sink is pre-cut and pre-drilled for quick installation
  • Stain and rust resistant
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • It does not have an overflow drain
  • The front of the sink is designed in such a way that it could limit the size of buckets that you can fit in it


Overall, Dekor Sinks 31000UM sink is ideal for laundry seeing as 25 inches is quite deep. It is inexpensive and attractive, and you can choose a color that blends with your home’s interior décor.

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