Lyons Industries DKS01SB3 Designer White Single Kitchen Sink Review

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If you’re on a limited budget and plan on designing a good-looking kitchen, making the right investments on the right products is critical.

You don’t want to overspend unnecessarily on big-brands that grossly overprice their products. Instead, you should focus on buying products that offer a good value for the money you spend.

Kitchen faucets and sinks often take up a significant portion of your budget, because getting a good quality product often requires us to spend big on well-known brands. However, there are several lesser-known brands out there that offer products which are just as great at prices much lower than the bigger brands.

Lyons Industries is a bathroom and kitchen fittings manufacturer that has been producing some of the finest quality products in the low and mid-price segments for well over four decades!

Today, we’ll be reviewing Lyons Industries DKS01SB3 sink for all those of you looking to buy a high-quality and good-looking sink for their kitchens.

So let’s get started!

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Features of the Lyons Industries Kitchen Sink

  • High gloss acrylic surface for better wear resistance and brighter shine
  • Easy to clean
  • High strength construction with special reinforcements in the drain area
  • Ergonomic drop-in single bowl design
  • 25-inch deep bowl with three faucet holes

What did we like about it?

The DKS01SB3 designer kitchen sink by Lyons Industries is one of their most top rated products, and is perfect for anyone looking for a simple but highly efficient sink for their kitchen.

The value this sink offers at such a low budget is truly impressive, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll not find such a good quality sink in this price range.

Now, unlike the more expensive kitchen sinks, you obviously can’t expect any of those fancy features and functionalities. However, this product has all the essential components you would expect out of a kitchen sink, i.e. durability, aesthetics, and efficiency.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to the overpriced international brands, this is the product to go for!

Here are a few things that we were impressed with while testing out this product.

Good-Looking and easy to maintain

This sink by Lyons Industries comes with a high-gloss acrylic surface that offers an extraordinary shine to it.

Unlike most other standard low-budget kitchen sinks that look dull and unattractive, this sink has a beautiful shine on its surface which gives it an expensive look. The surface of the sink is also designed in a way which makes it more resistant to wear.

White sinks can be quite hard to maintain, but thanks to its easy-to-clean surface, you’ll be having a hassle-free cleaning experience and can also expect your sink to look beautiful for a long time.

Highly Durable and easy to install

The DKS01SB3 designer kitchen sink features a highly durable acrylic construction that comes along with a fiberglass reinforced insulation backer. The build is extremely sturdy, and the nature of the design itself makes it less prone to chips and cracks.

Installation is also extremely easy, irrespective of whether you’re going for a new construction or a remodel project. It comes with a simple tab and mounting clip system which secures the sink firmly to the countertop.

Clever Design

This sink features an attractive step-down ledge that comes with three standard faucet holes that can fit almost all types of kitchen faucets without a spray. It has a well-balanced depth of 7.5-inch and comes with a 3.5-inch drain opening.

This model also uses fiberglass insulation which leads to a significantly quieter experience and also provides superior heat retention as compared to other materials.


  • Smartly designed kitchen sink with the perfect level of depth
  • Fiberglass-insulation for greater temperature stability and less noise
  • Installation is very easy. The three standard faucet holes can accommodate most types of kitchen faucets
  • High strength acrylic construction provides superior durability
  • Looks aesthetic thanks to the high gloss acrylic surface


  • There have been complaints of a dull layer of film forming over the surface of the sink
  • Has no extra holes for installing sprays

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a basic kitchen sink without any fancy features, then Lyons Industries’ DKS01SB3 will serve you just right!

This is an entry-level kitchen sink that is high on durability and quality but lacks the fancy utilities of the higher priced kitchen sinks.

Overall, an excellent value for money product that delivers exactly as advertised!

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