Power Air Fryer XL Reviews 2019 – All-In-One Multi-Use Kitchen Powerhouse

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Uncle Paul’s Choice: Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart

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If you’re a lot like me, then perhaps the very mention of fried food brings water to your mouth.

But no matter how much we love the taste of a greasy, crunchy chicken or a crispy nugget, we honestly don’t fancy the health issues that are associated with it.

However, this is exactly where an air fryer comes in, as it conveniently helps to fry your food without having to dip them in oil first.

The Power Air Fryer is one of the most renowned leaders in the healthy fried food genre.

And their range of pocket-friendly fryers is sure to do more than just cater to all your fried food cravings.


Power Airfryer XL
5.3 Quart

Power Air Fryer XL Black Deluxe
3.4 & 5.3 Quart

Power Air Fryer Oven
8 Quart

Power Air Fryer Oven Elite
6 Quart


Power Airfryer XL Reviews 2019: Why is it my go-to air frying brand?

powerairfryer reviewsAs an interior designer myself, I have had the privilege of visiting the homes of my clients to suggest and share decor ideas. And over the recent years, I have noticed that more and more modern kitchens are housing air fryers instead of the age-old grills and barbeques.

So, I decided to give them a try myself, and as my wife so aptly put it, “this is the best decision you have ever made!” Well, it’s quite an understatement to say that my family enjoys the air fryer, for they absolutely adore it.

Many critical foodies might tell you that an air fryer might not be able to replicate the texture of a traditionally fried food. And that may be true to a sense, but they are still able to achieve a beautiful and crisp exterior with a moist, juicy interior.

And they are by far the healthiest cooking option as you need no oil. The fryer circulates hot air inside it, surrounding the food and cooking them thoroughly and much faster than the typical oven.

Out of all the homes I’ve visited, Power Air Fryer was by far the most popular go-to brand. And this did not come as much of a surprise to me, as our family uses one of their fryers as well.

So, let’s take a look at some of the features that make the Power Air Fryer brand so attractive to the modern homeowners.

Convenient to use and user-friendly

power fryer xl reviewsI am somewhat fidgety when I cook my food, especially when it comes to fried chicken. I like to check up on them from time to time while they are still being cooked to see if they are turning the perfect shade of golden brown.

In older ovens, this would have hampered the cooking process significantly, as a lot of heat would have been lost every time I opened the lid. As a result, the chicken wouldn’t turn out as I had hoped, leaving the crust undone and soggy.

The Power Air Fryers, on the other hand, allow the rotating mesh basket to be removed at any time during cooking without affecting the process in the slightest. Heck! I could even turn my food around in the racks and still achieve the perfect crispy chicken skin.

Cooking versatility

The Power Air Fryer is amazingly versatile when it comes to preparing a variety of delicious cuisine. It is an “all-in-one multi-use kitchen powerhouse”, and from delicious kebabs to tandoori and rotisserie chicken, nothing is out of reach.

But what in my opinion is the best feature about these fryers is the pro-grade dehydrator, which is integrated into the design. It allowed me to effortlessly dehydrate all my favorite meat and fruits without adding extra sugar, and from the convenience of my very home.

This was something that a lot of standard air fryers in the market are not able to provide.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

reviews on power air fryer xlAs they are jam-packed with hardware and functional features, not many air fryers are convenient to be cleaned. But that is not the case with the Power Air Fryers, and I found cleaning them to be rather simple and hassle-free.

After unplugging and cooling the fryer, I just cleaned its heating mechanism and the inner wall with some sponge and mild soapy water, and it’s all done. Rather convenient, isn’t it?

But things can always be made easier. As the air flow racks and stainless skewers are dishwasher compatible, just pop them in, and you’re all set.

However, it’s important to remember to use non-abrasive soap and detergent while cleaning them or the internal mechanisms can be damaged.

Elegant design and attractive accessories

The Power Air Fryer range of fryers has one of the most elegant and stylish designs that an air fryer can ask for. From the egg-incubator look of the 5.3 QT to the futuristic appeal of the 6 QT, these fryers are capable of improving the aesthetics of any decor.

Additionally, they come with a lot of functional accessories like 3 air flow racks and an oil drip tray. You even get a lifetime access to a vast collection of online videos of recipes as well, categorized into various genres and subcategories.

Some of the bonus accessories include a pair of stainless skewers, a convenient and easy to use rotating mesh basket along with a rotating rotisserie spit.

The fryers also come with an entire recipe book on fried foods, which even includes a step by step and detailed guide to dehydrating your own food. Rotisserie Mastery Cooking Guide comes in the box as well.

Each book has a grocery coupon inside them that promises $100 on your next grocery buy, which can be redeemed at your local grocery store.

The Top 4 Air Fryer XL Reviews

Power Airfryer XL 5.3 Quart

power airfryer xl 5.3 quart reviewsThe most basic and entry-level air fryer on my list today, the Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 Quart can provide an amazing and guilt-free way of enjoying all your fried food. Made with the amateur home cook in mind, XL 5.3 Quart boasts one of the most convenient features.

My Thoughts

The XL 5.3 Quart is so easy to use that even my 12-year-old daughter is able to cook in it without a hitch. She is an avid fan of pumpkin french fries, and she likes to make them extra crispy, and this fryer effortlessly allows her to do just that.

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She just adds her food to the Easy Load basket, slides it into the unit, and with just the touch of a finger she selects a cooking setting from a variety of 7 preset programmes, and she is all set. The XL 5.3 Quart is virtually by all means child-proof.

But if there is one negative that I have noted about this model, is that the basket loses its glossy coating rather fast. With repeated use, the surface from the bottom of the basket can start to chip making the fryer look somewhat worn out.



  • Easy to use, an entry-level fryer with convenient features
  • 7 preset programmes that allow one to cook a variety of spread
  • Easy load basket is kid-proof and effortlessly slides into the unit



  • Basket loses coating rather fast

Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe – Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer

With the deluxe edition of the XL 5.3 Quart, Power Air Fryer has taken the structure of the older model and upgraded it in certain areas along with providing it with some new cooking accessories. But this upgrade does not hamper the convenience and the functionality of the original in any way.

My Thoughts

What is much more noticeable about the deluxe version is the stabler and much more durable build. A heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes the fryer much more long-lasting than the previous model, and with a mirror finish spring load, it adds a bit to the convenience as well.

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But just like the first, the Black Deluxe has an ‘automatic shut-off,’ that when conjoined with the preset features, stops the cooking cycle when needed, so that you don’t overcook your food. Its extra accessories include a baking insert, pizza pan and cooking tongs that let you cook a variety of meals at will.

Though the Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe boasts an array of convenient features, the basket can be somewhat tricky to insert. When I tried it out myself, it did tend to jam (which was quite often) when I was putting it in the wrong way.



  • Durable stainless steel build that makes it very long lasting
  • Mirror finish spring load that allows better grip
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Added accessories for cooking versatility



  • The basket is somewhat tricky to insert and detach

8 QT Power Air Fryer Oven

tristar power airfryer xl reviewsThe 8 QT Power Air Fryer Oven has a rather high-tech look and futuristic appeal. It might seem very complicated to operate, but take it from me, cooking in an air fryer was never simpler.

This was also the oven I gifted my parents for their 45th wedding anniversary.

My Thoughts

My father has a lot of trouble with his heart, especially when it came to cholesterol and high blood pressure. But just like me, it was rather impossible to keep him away from fried chicken (guess it runs in the family).

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So, this was why I gifted them with the 8 QT Power Air Fryer Oven, not only was it a healthier cooking option but it was easy enough for my parents to use as well. It has 8 one-touch pre-set buttons and an air-fry rotisserie that allowed them to cook various cuisine from extra crispy chicken fingers to a pork roast.

And even though the oven came with high-quality air racks and rotisserie, the fry basket felt rather cheap to the touch. It didn’t work as intended, and I had to buy a new one in a matter of days.



  • 8 one-touch pre-set buttons and an air-fry rotisserie allows versatile cooking
  • Futuristic design, ideal for modern kitchen decor
  • All detachable components are straightforward to use, clean and maintain



  • The fryer basket was quite flimsy and unimpressive

6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Elite

power air fryer oven elite reviewsThe Elite model is a much-improved version of the 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven but not as pocket-friendly. And though Its base structure looks a lot like the previous, it houses a lot more power and features.

My Thoughts

The 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Elite comes with an upgraded interior that allows it to retain heat better while at the same time being easy to clean as well. It even has an improved LED display panel that has an “automatic shut-off” feature which allows you to view your food as it cooks.

The 8 one-touch preset programs are replaced by 10 that significantly improve the range of cuisine you can make. The crisper trays that come included will effortlessly allow you to cook multiple batches of food at the same time.

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The round basket and the fetch tool allow comfortable handling, while the drip tray catches the extra oil from your food to make the cleaning process more manageable.

The 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Elite is the most powerful fryer on my list today. But this fantastic frying ability comes at the cost of noise, as while it cooks, the device is quite noisy and emits a dull vacuum like noise.



  • Upgraded interior for better cleaning and heat retention
  • 10 one-touch preset programs help to perfect a vast range of cuisine
  • Round basket comes with matching fetch tools allow more comfortable handling



  • A noisy cooking operation may be annoying to some

Happy Frying!

From user convenience to incredible power and cooking ability, the Power Air Fryers are capable of catering to all. The four Power Air Fryer reviews that I have listed today are without a doubt one of the best fryers available in today’s market.

And when it comes to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, the Power Air Fryer is indeed a favorite go-to for me and my family.

Hope you enjoyed my Power Air Fryer review today.

Till we meet again!