MR Direct 913 Single Bowl Copper Apron Sink Review

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Let us tell you right off the bat that the MR Direct 913 is one of the more expensive sinks on the market, even given the comparatively higher prices of copper sinks to other types of sinks. If you’re looking for a cheap sink, you may as well stop reading here.

That said, if the budget isn’t much of an issue for you and you don’t mind paying more for top-notch quality, great looks and a superior level of functionality and convenience, the MR Direct 913 is definitely the product you would want to be introduced to.

So without further ado, let’s tell you what makes it well worth the apparently high price tag.

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Unmatched Vintage Style

While copper sinks typically tend to stand out as a kitchen sink as they have a unique appeal to them, the MR Direct 913 is unique even by the copper sinks standards. This is primarily because it comes with a simple but hand-hammered design, which is done by skilled artisans, giving it an attractively vintage look.

The material itself being 99% pure copper adds even more to the overall look and feel of the product. It also boasts something the manufacturer terms as the “living” finish, which basically allows the sink to keep changing its appearance depending on the atmospheric changes. What this does is helps the sink retain an “old-world” changing-patina look no matter how things change around it.

We have reviewed tons of kitchen sinks on our site, including a large number of copper sinks, but we have yet to come across a feature as unique as this. While the MR Direct 913 is priced at the higher side, the kind of looks it comes with does make it well worth it for many users.

After all, there’s a reason most of its customers are all praise for it, because of how beautiful and stunning it looks.

Solid Construction

You just can’t go wrong with something made using 99 percent pure copper. It’s one of the most durable materials a sink can be made of.

An interesting thing to note here is that the copper used to make this sink is mined and natural, unlike many cheaper copper sinks made using recycled copper, which can contain other less durable materials too.

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No “Tin” Sounds

If you have used a copper sink in the past, you likely know what we are talking about. The tinning sound you get when running water through a copper sink is one of the most annoying things about using one.

Similarly, most copper sinks would make an annoying noise when you drop any items in it, which can again make the usual cleaning a more tiring process. This is probably one of the reasons many users end up choosing a different type of sink over a copper one despite the superior durability and better looks that it offers.

However, the MR Direct 913 silences all types of noise, including the tinning sound of water and the metallic noise you get when you drop items into the sink. This is all thanks to its thick sound-dampening pads, which are high-quality and attached on all sides of the sink.

No Moisture Issues

Another common issue with cheaper common sinks is that they often react with the moisture around them. This eventually leads to the copper sink losing its appeal and becoming less durable, with the surface turning yellowish as well in parts, losing the consistency with the overall texture of the sink.

You definitely won’t be facing this issue with the MR Direct 913, though. The manufacturer has made a specially formulated anti-condensation compound, which is sprayed to the exterior of the sink before letting it hit the market. This compound will prevent the sink from reacting with the moisture, meaning that it would never have the common issues cheap copper sinks typically face after a period of use.


  • Great looks, would instantly turn into the focal point of your kitchen
  • Large size, meaning you would have no problem washing all kinds of large pans and pots in it
  • High-quality sound-deadening on all sides, so that you can expect to be able to use it without getting constantly annoying noises
  • Wouldn’t react with the moisture and retain its look and appeal over a long period of time


  • Requires a bit more maintenance than the average stainless steel sink

Our Final Word

Most customers that bought the sink are pleased with their purchase, and we feel that you would be just as pleased too. The higher price is well justified given everything that the MR Direct 913 offers.

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