MR Direct 903 Single Bowl Copper Sink Review

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A copper sink can be expensive, especially if you’re after one that doesn’t produce annoying noises when you’re using it. However, the MR Direct 903 is an exception and hence something worth considering for those that want a premium-quality sink for a budget price.

Let’s find out what it brings to the table so that you can be sure about it being a great choice for you.

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Great Combination of Style and Functionality

While aesthetics is not hard to come by when it comes to copper sinks, the balance of style and functionality can be very challenging to find. And this is one of the important reasons we think the MR Direct 903 is one of the better copper sinks on the market.

It comes in a contemporary styling that not only looks beautiful thanks to being hand-hammered by skilled artisans, it’s also very functional, primarily due to its tight curved corners.

The unique design of the corners means more space for you than you would usually get, and it would also make it considerably easy to clean the sink.

Huge Working Area

The MR Direct 903 is also one of the most spacious sinks you will ever come across. It’s so big and functional that one particular customer said that after using this sink, they can now not even imagine going back to a double-bowl sink.

In fact, the MR Direct 903 is surprisingly large even by single-bowl sinks standard. Everything ranging from large skillsets to oversized pans and pots to huge trays fit perfectly, while still leaving you with enough room around them to wash them all very comfortably.

Solid Construction

While copper sinks usually don’t disappoint as far as the durability is concerned, the MR Direct 903 is even more impressive on this front. It’s a solid, big and heavy sink, and should last you ages with a bit of care.

It also sports a hand-hammered pattern that adds to its durability. Similarly, it’s coated with what the manufacturer terms as “living finish,” meaning that the surface of the sink would keep changing its patina according to the changes in the atmosphere around it.

In simple terms, that means that it likely won’t encounter some of the common issues associated with copper sinks such as unusual yellowing of their color or fading of their finish.

Furthermore, just like every other MR Direct copper sink, the 903 too has MR Direct’s anti-condensation compound sprayed to its exterior. It prevents the sink from getting damaged in any way when it comes in contact with moisture, which is usually considered as a common damaging agent for copper sinks.

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No Annoying Noises

While copper sinks are generally a great choice for a kitchen sink, something really annoying about them is that they are significantly noisier than all the other types of sinks. If you tend to do a lot of washing daily, it can quickly get frustrating.

However, many copper sinks today come with sound-dampening pads, that make the noises almost non-existent. And despite not being a very high-end sink, the MR Direct 903 has these pads attached to its underside, which is obviously the area producing all the noise.

Needless to say, this assures a near-perfect washing experience as you will be getting all the advantages of a copper sink while being able to keep the biggest issue associated with them at bay.

Don’t Take the Negative Reviews Seriously

At the time of writing this review, the MR Direct 903 hasn’t exactly got a stellar average customer rating, despite most of its customers rating it 5 stars.

This is because a few of the customers decided to rate it only 1 or 2 stars, but we recommend you to ignore them. We say this as their reason for giving the product such a low rating is that there were shipping issues, or the sink turned out to be so large for them that they couldn’t make it fit their countertop.

It goes without saying that these issues don’t reflect the quality or the overall experience the sink offers at all. There can be shipping issues, but you can always request a replacement. Similarly, you must check the size of the sink before buying it to be sure it would fit your countertop.

  • Great style that’s both attractive and functional
  • Made using 99 percent pure copper with a solid build quality
  • Produces little to no noise when you’re doing your usual washing, ensuring a quiet, comfortable working experience
  • Very large and spacious – wouldn’t have any problem accommodating all types of your utensils, including the largest ones
  • It does get the green patina sometimes, but that’s easy to clean and is only temporary
  • There do seem to be some shipping issues but if you get a damaged product, you can always get a replacement

A Final Word

The MR Direct 903 offers a great bang for your buck by offering pretty much everything a very high-end copper sink costing in triple digits would. If you don’t mind a large working space, you would totally love what it has to offer.

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